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    does anybody knows where to get low cost physicals?

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    there is saying that we need to go through health clearance.
    what kind of health exam is this?
    we can't get into the program if we have some kind of disease??

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    thanks, Iliana.
    the reason is that I got accepted to southwest college and they are having a meeting on this thursday and i'm leaving this wednesday. when i called the college, if i can't make to the meeting then i lose the spot.
    i told them about my situation but it was no use.
    when i look at the county schedule i noticed they are having an orientation on august also.
    i hope nothing happens.
    thanks for the reply.

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    Does anybody know whether we need to attend a meeting in person if we are selected?
    Because I'm going out of country and coming back on July.
    When I called the school, they say they will mail out the letter next week.
    there will be a postcard in it so we can mail back to them to verify intent to attend.