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    So, i stumbled upon another thread from many years ago on this board googling about nursing boards requiring observed U/A. My state (Oregon) just began this the end of the year for all nurses on probation regardless of suspicion of altering urine, failed test, or dilute.
    I very strongly feel this a huge violation of my civil rights, dignity, and privacy. Granted, i really wouldn't care if somebody just stood in the bathroom and watched me pee in a cup but it is very invasive- like get half naked then stare at my vagina while i pee. Um, not okay. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and have to sometimes bring my 1year old with me to test. In my case, i have been sober for 3.5 years (almost a year sober before i was allowed to return to work and even started U/A's), have been U/A'ed for almost 3 years while on a 24month working probation, never had a positive test, never missed a test, never had a dilute- have done no wrong. i have maybe 2 U/A's left possibly 3-- I'm almost there-- breathing and feeling violated every month. My probationer tries to be kind and stated all have to be treated the same- i wasn't during my initial case- I'm a garden variety alcoholic who never used on the job (not bashing those who did as it was a "yet" for me) my license violation states i did- not right. basically, i know others who have done much worse then me and not put through some of the stuff i was- so i wonder why on earth they seem to think that anything they do is "fair" to all.

    As a women, they need to also make the look-at-your-vagina-process different for men and women-- it's ridiculous. Is there even such a thing as prosthetic vagina that keeps urine warm? That was my vent-- i apologize in advance-- just don't think anything about it is right- at the very least men and women should have different procedures, and not be modeled after DOT.

    My question is does your state board also require this?? i know NC does-- what about others?? I'm genuinely curious and considering raising some hell for other recovering nurses once my probation is over. Anybody have experience with this??

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    Was wondering if anybody could give me advice about being able to gain CA LVN licensure after suspension... currently going through a really tough time, was reported for something really stupid i did that has been blown out of proportion, manipulated, and some vindictive slander against me occured. although i made a mistake that i am very remorseful and beyond humilated for and deserve some kind of punishment i do not feel this defines me as a nurse as i know i am very good at the job i love... and have proof of this.
    does anybody have any similar experiences i could gain some wisdom from? i have not been suspended yet and do have a lawyer- if the board purposes more punishment then i feel i deserve i will request a hearing- partially as i have not been able to stick up for myself/defend myself during the investigation process as it considered deflecting...
    advice anybody?
    any words of wisdom are needed and apperciated... thank you...