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    Just wanted to confirm that I PASSED!!!! The PVT is 100% ACCURATE TO THE TEE!!!!!

    The whole jest of it is if you get the good pop-up, you PASSED. If you get the credit card screen, you failed. There is no ifs, ands, or buts and no two way about it. It is what it is. So I hope that EVERYONE passed!!!!! Finally and officially an RN!!!!!! Time to celebrate!!!

    I love this website! The support here is just overwhelming. I have not yet seen one negative comment on here and that's great. We nurses definitely have to stick together - through thick and thin. Thanks again!!! All of you have been very helpful on here

    GOOD LUCK to the rest of the people - student nurses and nclex test-takers!!! YOU GUYS CAN DO IT!!!! Just stay confident!!!

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    I just finished taking the nclex-RN just a few hours earlier and already, I have passed judgement on myself that I did NOT pass b/c 253 questions? AND I sat there for the 6 full hours as well. Dreadful and sad. Needless to say, I am in self-loathing mode right now *kicking myself in the butt*. Took the exam running on no sleep (24+ hrs), drank an entire 16 oz of energy drink and when I got to the testing site, I feel like I was a walking zombie because of all that caffeine in my body (entire body was shaking, hand tremors and the awful palpitations that I felt!). Oh, and my speech was nearly incoherent. I think if I actually had a conversation with someone, they would of thought I was on drugs!!! Needless to say, I left the exam with the the most horrible feeling ever because I KNEW I failed. I am just soaking in my own self-pity right now...really sad. Kinda wish I've studied a lot hard like my other friends.

    Getting to the point (sorry I was thrown off, needed to vent a little *sad face*). I heard about the PVT from one of my friends a few weeks back, but he has never tried it himself since his wife bugged him to just pay the fee to get the results. So after getting home from the exam, I quickly googled it and bam, here I am, reading through a lot of the good news from people which is nice (Congrats on your hardwork!). I guess for some of us who feel like we did so poorly would like to just confirm if this theory (PVT) is true. Anyway, I tried the method purposed on the first page and to my surprise (although I still don't believe it), I got the "good" pop-up. It's been nearly 5 hrs since I last took the exam so maybe it was an error or it might change tomorrow or something, who knows. Okay, let me be real with you guys so people won't think that most people just pass based on the PVT b/c everyone studied like crazy for it or at least studied for a month to prepare for the nclex so how can you not pass, right?. I may be the ONLY one on this ENTIRE page who only spent 4-5 days preparing for it and I wasn't really trying either (and no, I'm not a genius either, wish I was though). To top it off, I graduated last November so it's been 7 months since I've even laid eyes on any nursing books or related materials. So what I'm trying to say is, if I get the "good" pop-up now AND I actually indeed did pass this darn exam then I will definitely return here to let all of you guys know. I think if I made it (which I still doubt), then this PVT is definitely as real as it gets. Stay in touch guys.