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    Is it better to file a 1099 or just use a w4 when doing registry? Im trying to understand
    tax burdens and benefits since im not full time with a hospital anymore and will soon be
    working full time registrty - RN in CA

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    yeah those med questions were a*&i%** , and those SATA, i took mines sat the 5th still waiting for the bon to the good msg tho

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    hope so took mines Sat ROOT at 255 questions

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    hi every1,

    took nclex on 6/5 in cali, dying over here hope this "Trick" really works i got the msg saying "our records indicate" grinding teeth now... any1 know how long before brn post license on site. ima check tomorrow staying positive. a lil worried because i ROOT at 255 question, i had alot select all that apply, hope i didnt bomb it