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    I am right there with you! This summer (via online course) I am taking my first step towards completing my prerequisites to get into nursing school, and I get these moments of extreme anxiety. It isn't looking at the RN-NCLEX exam book (I think that would be self torture because I don't know one single thing about nursing, yet!) , but it is thinking about all the things I have to do, getting my CNA taking AP 1 and 2, biology's, etc. etc. It all starts to build up, so I count to ten and breathe and remember that things take time and patience. Just taking one day at a time and focusing on what I am doing that day (my online English class, for example, and in the future my science and math courses) helps me to calm down. There are some serious times when I just say to myself "What if I am not cut out for this?!" , but I try to remember that with patience and hard work anything can be accomplished (cliche I know, but it is true!).
    Once you begin this fall, I think that the pressure and anxiety you are feeling will simmer down. Just remember that it is one step at a time, like climbing a ladder. It will happen --I am sure of it because I see all the nurses on this site, getting through school is possible or there would be no nurses!--, just hang in there. I am glad that I am not the only one who has worries of self doubt; just pick up your head and walk with the confidence that we are all there with you going through the same thing; you are not alone.

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    As a pre-nursing student beginning the long trek down the path of getting a bachelors in nursing I am very happy to see this board! I can't wait to see all the different advice. I am so nervous because I hear the time management factor of it all is extremely difficult, so even now I am looking for different ways to divide up my day. Any tips would be so much appreciated from all you rockin' nurses!