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  • Jul 27 '11

    I let my pts know what I am doing.
    First thing in the morning, I do vitals, etc. I let them know that I will be back with their meds and fresh ice water. I ask them if they need pain meds so I can bring them with their morning pills. I tell them the plan for the day. I find this prevents calls for "ice water" , "help with breakfast" and "pain pills" because they already know I am coming back.
    For am care, I'll often have 2 pts washing at one time. I set up pt one - tell them to do what they can and I'll be back. Go set up pt 2 - tell them the same thing - return to pt 1. And so forth.
    When I work evening shift, I'll ask them at some point if they want sleeping pills, pain pills etc at bedtime. Then I can bring them without running back and forth.
    If something is going to take up a lot of time, I let my pts know. Today, I know one family wanted their father washed and dressed and up. I took 30 secs to go to them and told them that I needed to do something with another pt and family and as soon as I finished that, I would be back. I also told them it could be about 1/2 hour - I knew it would only be 15 mins, but by saying 1/2 hour, it gave me time. If I came back earlier - I look good. If I came back in 1/2 hour, I still look good and maintain trust. If I didn't tell them and just made them wait- no trust and possibly multiple calls for not just this request but through out the whole day.
    Gain your pts trust on first rounds by telling them the plan for the day. Be honest if something is going to tie you up. "I have a procedure with another pt that will take about 1 hour. Do you need anything before that?". Always tell pts you will be longer than you think. That way, you build time to do little things (like pee!) but still meet their needs.
    I find I have fewer call bells than other nurses because I tell my pts what to expect and give time lines so they know when I will be back.
    Finally, I do try to stick my head in every hour. Even if all I do is stick my head around the door as I am bringing pain meds to another pt, they see me and know that I'm doing my best to take care of them.