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  • Nov 14 '16

    When someone needs to take anxiety medication to perform their job that is a red flag. Why should a job be so stressful that one needs to take medication to actually be able to do it? I am a person who has severe social anxiety and generalized anxiety. I dreaded going to work because of the time constraints and the responsibility of being a nurse. I have tried different SSRIs and even SNRIs to combat anxiety. Could never find one that did not have horrendous side effects so will never try another. I know many nurses who have to take anxiety medications to cope with their jobs. I think the system of nursing is broken if so many of us need anti anxiety medication to cope.

    I love my patients and love to take care of people but the stress of nursing drove me away from the bedside. I have had to take time away m from being a nurse. I can only see myself working as a nurse one or two days a week at the most and working in another profession the rest of the week. It is a shame really because I enjoy patient care.

  • Nov 12 '16

    Quote from billswife
    Has this been spoken about during the campaign?
    Very little of substance on any topic was discussed during this horrendous campaign.

  • Nov 12 '16

    Quote from Purrsx2
    These are my concerns:

    1) Can he federally legislate supervision for all NPs by physicians regardless of how long NP had been practicing?
    2) Can he change Medicare/Medicaid rules to exclude NPs from reimbursement unless care is provided "under the supervision" of MDs?

    Basically, my questions is: can he turn NPs into PAs on the federal level?
    I don't think we have much to worry about on that front as there are far more pressing issues the next administration will be facing other than what scope a NP has. Also, these are state mandated issues and I am under the understanding that the GOP is more prone to have things settled by individual states than a federal referendum. Also, there are still very large gaps in the amount of general practice physicians in rural areas and the utilization of midlevels across the board lessens the overall cost of healthcare administration.

    I believe Trump will be dedicating much of his time fighting with the republican party and dodging the criticism for breaking all the promises he made to get elected. It will be like Jerry Springer Show DC edition.

  • Mar 5 '16

    I couldn't take the job.

    I also couldn't perform surgical abortions if I was a practitioner.

    I'm not saying they're the same thing AT ALL.

    But what I am saying is that just because I couldn't do these things...well, that doesn't mean they should be illegal. I fully support a person's right to all aspects of healthcare.

  • Mar 5 '16

    I have made my wishes very clear with my spouse and other loved ones. That way if something happens and I cannot speak for myself, they are my voice.

    Dying with dignity or in peace is so important to me as I see a lot of prolonged, long-suffering lingering death in my specialty.

  • Mar 5 '16

    I've often thought hey, we have birth plans - wouldn't a death plan be a great tool? (Ok, the name may need some tweaking.)

    But really, allowing someone control in that area of life when their health has plummeted seems to be the humane thing to do.

    Dignity and autonomy are very important.

  • Jun 7 '13

    Ain't no one got time for that! We start them on an OTC cream. Instruct them to change socks daily, encourage open toe shoes when not at sports. We also advise to put on socks before jocks, so an athletes foot doesn't become a jock itch.

  • Apr 10 '13

    Au Contraire - PRN staff are becoming more important as labor budgets are tightened. These nurses are less expensive due to the lack of benefits. There is actually some math behind this. The ideal ratio is to have sufficient 'scheduled' staff (full time & part time) to account for the ADC (average daily census) 'mode' each day. Then PRN staff are added into the mix to care for increases in census or cover for absences. There are additional calculations, of course - but the end result means having much fewer call-offs

    I'm not getting the tie-in to Health Care Reform, unless organizations are anticipating drastic income reductions because they can't achieve the patient sat & quality levels needed to maintain or improve their reimbursement. Sooooo tired of labeling this "Obama-care" Did we call Medicare "Johnson-care"? Do we describe lack of support for Women's services as "Bush-care"? (OK, so that was inadvertently funny )