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    Just wanted to get some opinions. I have been a nursing assistant/unit secretary at a hospital for 8 years. The first 5 were in med/surg. The last 3 have been in labor and delivery. Last year a mandatory float policy was implemented for all aides. Of course, we all hate this policy. So now, all OB aides have to train to be scrub techs so we can do our own c-sections. After taking a TWO day class we are now expected to scrub in on sections and at times be first assist to the physicians. The thing is being scrub techs does not stop us from having to float. AND we are not receiving anymore pay for having to scrub. 8 years ago I started out making $8.10 an hour. My pay now is only $10.27. So, basically, I have to be an aide/unit secretary, float to other units and be a scrub tech for $10.27 an hour. Several of us went to our director and asked if our pay was being increased. We were told NO................scrub tech is now part of our job description. So obviously, we are furious and looking for other jobs. So, my question is...........Am I just overreacting or are we really getting screwed? I work at a small community hospital in North Carolina. Would also like to know pay range in other places for aides. Thanks for reading my rant. Any opinions are appreciated.