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    MIA13!!!! i dont mean to sound so creepy but your posts caught my attention bcus the path where you went to get into pn school is what exactly i wanna do...
    well it wasnt before, i went through so many crisis. i got accepted to the centennial/ryerson bscn last year when i graduated from HS.. but it was a conditional offer, i had a 76% and they required a 75%... they accepted me after midterms and i knew that my mark was gonna go down during finals no matter how hard i tried to do well on the final exams... so my overall avg went down to a 73 something % and so they revoked my offer. i was SOOOOOO depressed, but i decided to take a year off and upgrade my avg. i took 2 night school courses, and i got my avg to go up to an 82.3%... but behold i didnt know that this year the competition increased EVEN MOREEEEE and so they increased the requirement avg as well. for the ryerson 4 site it was like an 85% at least u needed and for the other colabs, a lot of ppl had between 83%+, so now im waitlisted on the georgebrown/centennial collabs.. and i don't think i have much of a chance getting accepted from the waitlists.

    so im now taking the route of where you are going... i searched some local colleges for rpn.. seneca, centennial and george brown. the thing is with seneca king city, its kind of far and in the middle of no where(literally!!) and centennial, i talked to a few ppl i know that went there and they said that the teachers there are mean and they don't teach you shiz. i heard more than half of the students in anatomy fail. so im not even gonna consider centennial. so my 1st choice is george brown , ive heard great reviews about the rpn program there. but im scared for the admission test, ive done well in bio but i dont recall much of the things i learned since its been like a year and also, my friend didnt do well on her admission test, she said most of the stuff on bio are things we havent really learned in HS.

    so i wanna get into the pre-health program.. i just wanna know how you found the program? how was ur gpa? and i read somwhere u did an admission exam? is that the same thing as the admission test when u apply for rpn entry? or was that a different exam connected from your pre-health program?