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    well after yesterdays posts I see there was alot to say. But first I must say that one thing I am not is a quitter, and I don' want to get into this Job. There are too many jobs that pay more than most nurses will see in a lifetime, but I'm not intrested in those places of employment. I don't want to marry rich because I like my own money (as someone suggested). I mean this is retarded for nurses not to get jobs no matter what the economy is doing. It's not fair to watch good men and women become burnt out of a profession that most enjoyed when they first got the position. That also contribute to the shortage as many other things do, but I am fine with it. I will get a job somewhere even if I have to leave the country. So thanks for some of your encouragemets. I hope everyone will have a good day or nite depending on where you are.

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    Thanks Everyone especially those who had something encouraging to say.
    I am not going to quit. Just suffering from temporary melt down. Trust me won't happen again.
    I am more than halfway through so I'll finish as for a job who cares one will come. And it's true the economy will be this way for a while. I have alread relocated for school and this is where I am going to stay if worse comes to worse I leave the country for better pastures lol. I have always wanted to go to Paris Hmmmm, why not give it a try. Thanks again Everyone.

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    I think you should try another school first. Some nursing programs had the craziest ideas for denial, but I left the state, and I am now attending a university. I was unsure because the buzz is that most new grads are having hard time getting employed. But after talking to my husband, and post on this site I said I am soooo over worrying about a Job. Just like I got over where I was going to school. I don't take no for an answer for anything I want (as long as it is in within good reason), and YOU DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER EITHER!! especially if it is something you really are passionate about. Your GPA isn't an issue the school is, find another school.

    I wish you the best of luck hun

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    Thanks to Everyone for the Answer, but I think I didn't put it the right way. ALL I WANT TO DO IS BE A NURSE!!! Since I was a little girl. It's just that It has been a very long road finishing up my pre-reqs. I will be finished nxt year. not to mention that I couldn't get started until I was 30 yrs old. I finished in 2006 with a A.S. degree. But that was only cause I was sabotaged by a family member When I was excepted to the first nursing program. ( I know sad huh). I am pursuing my BSN, but with all that I have been through I am hoping that I can find a job after all the crazy obstacles.

    I don't have a problem taking working any dept.or any shift for that matter, and I have already relocated from Eas Coast to Hawaii I just hope there will be a job for me once I am finished. I want my degree regardless. I am going to work for it, but wow! tuition is starting to kick me in the rear. I am going to put up the fight. I hope it's worth it. Thanks everyone.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I need some advise and I don't care if you are a seasoned or new nurse. I am wondering if I should quit nursing school because something that was supposed be a secure job is now in jeapardy by the economy. I have been hearing so much about a how New Grads can't get jobs. I mean is there even really a shortage? New nurses can't keep being put off because of experience, how else is a new nurse to get experience? I am wondering if I should do something else instead of wasting time and money on a profession where I won't get a job. Student loans intrests rates are creeping up more and more. So what does a person do? When a new nurse graduates he/she has six months after graduation, and deferring isn't always the answer. Some of us don't want to be in debt for the rest of our lives while we wait to see what the job market is doing to a profession that NO ONE can do without. I have heard some people say this to shall pass, but when? If anyone could shine some light on this I would be eternally grateful, as I don't want to give up because this is all I could ever see myself doing. I guess at this point I am just looking for encouragment or if I should change my major. Thanks