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    I cannot not tell you how much your post made me feel like I'm not alone! I have been working on a med-surg floor for about 3 months now (almost 4 weeks off of orientation). I have been coming home crying almost everyday and I cry every night before I have to go back. I ask ALOT of questions to my charge nurse. I feel like such a pest. I just want to do the right thing. Everyday when I get off I go through my entire shift in my mind thinking if there was something I have forgotten. I never feel organized. I never get out on time because I always have charting to finish that I couldnt get done during my shift, but my co-workers seem to get everything done. I have even been considering going back to school for another career. I am always terrified that something is going to happen and come back on me. I really hope this gets better. Right now I regret my career choice.