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    Thank you ladies! Good luck to you as well!

    I will be happy to keep you updated on the job hunt. I have sent several resumes out but in this day and age it is all about facetime and who you know and going into finals my husband and I decided we would wait to stress about the job hunt. (it can be very time consuming)

    I dont know what your family situation is like but I do recommend you get your CNA when you finish your first year. Already working for a hospital or doctors office can go a long way when its time to be hired as an RN. I personally, with my kids, couldnt find time to juggle a job with home and school, but if you can I would suggest it. (but by all means dont jeapordize your grades for it!!!)


    PS use and abuse jan term classes! they are long but bring 3 credits in two weeks! :-)

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    ladies and gents

    i have not read the replies to this thread so i apologize if i am repeating. however, i have just (yesterday) graduated from this program and i know how hard it is to get in, but i honestly cannot even imagine one negative comment to say about it. the women that run this program are the most amazing, intelligent and inspiring women i have ever met. it's hard to get into, but that's bc the program is hard. the gpa required is much higher than when i applied but there is a reason that this program is known as one of the very best. you will be the best when you're done and capable of running circles around others, in my opinion. hang in there, stay consistent. when you're done, it will be bitter sweet. knowing that you aren't in the security that the amazing instructors offer is scarey but the baby ducks have to jump out of the nest at some point right? good luck on your journey, its hard and it stinks but it is worth it! promise!!!!