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    Thanks for the encouragement scrapworking and applicant 2010!! I appreciate it!

    Applicant 2010...Sounds like we took the TEAS the same day unless they always have problems with the computers and people being turned away and needing a refund. Did you take it on May 14th?? If so, you still have time to study and retake it on June 15th.

    Good luck!!

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    I went to school with a boy named Dartagnian. (SP??)

    The names Margarita and Montserrat are both Hispanic names that are normal in their culture. Margarita isn't only an alcoholic drink. LOL.

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    I am also trying to get into the August 2010 LPN Program at PTEC. I took the TABE and passed. Also took the TEAS and got 82.4. After seeing the turnout at the informational meeting, I don't think my chances for getting in are very good with 4 points (3 for TEAS score and 1 for previous medical experience). I don't know whether to retake the TEAS before applying on June 17th or just apply and see what happens. If I apply and don't make it, I will probably check into PTEC's CNA program or see what other CNA programs are approved by the school and then do that while waiting for the next LPN class to come around. I am unemployed and my benefits will be running out in July so I need to do something. Anyone have any suggestions or happen to know what other CNA programs are accepted by PTEC??