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    Quote from JenRN30
    You will actually have lab the first part of the semester and then clinical the second part of the semester. So if you have lab on Thursdays, you'll be in lab for the first half of the semester every thursday, and then clinicals for the second half of the semester every Thursday. You don't go to lab Thursdays and clinicals on Fridays. It's one day or the other. Hope this makes sense. And I agree with Izzykat. I had lab/clinicals on Thursdays too, and it was great to have a three day weekend.
    I asked Angela Corely about having 2160 lab/clinicals both Thursday and Friday at orientation and she said that we would not have the possibility of a 3 day weekend. I wonder if that's a new thing. Hopefully it hasn't changed and that I have clinicals on Thursday, too!

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    Well, it looks like we have to have both Thursday and Friday blocked out for N2160 anyway. If you aren't in lab one day, you'll be in clinical the other so no 3-day weekends for us!

    fdlink085 - Concerning books for N2160, I went with the list that the professor emailed out to us. The last time I checked, the syllabus is still the template from Spring 2010 and we are using a new health assessment book. It's the 4th edition with the combined ebook. The bookstore has a bundle with Mosby's Nursing Drug Reference 2011 for $140, which is cheaper than buying the 3 components separately. I'm not sure if we'll need the ebook, I emailed the prof a couple days ago but haven't heard back.

    Also, the Dosage Calc book is the 8th edition. The bookstore has it packaged with the uLearn access code, not sure if it'll come with a book ordered somewhere else. You can purchase a code for $31 if you already have the book though.

    The textbook list, syllabuses, and book adoption list are all so confusing and quite a headache to decipher! Hopefully, I bought all the right books!!!

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    I'm sorry if this is off topic or not allowed but does anyone have a book for N2010 (lifespan dev) that I can borrow or buy? I need the 12th ed. for summer semester.

    Please pm me with your contact info, I don't think I can send private msgs yet!


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    STXBSN - Which NURS 2010 are you taking? I'm in the TTh 8:00am section with Professor .......... Hope to meet you soon!

    JenRN30 - Thank you so much for your kind words. Now, I don't feel so anxious about loading up my summer semester!

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    Hi all! I've been lurking on this site for a few weeks and have finally decided to register. I'm also starting the ACE program in the Fall! I'll be finishing up the last of my prereqs this summer (A&P 2, NURS 2010, Micro lab) and will probably take that nutrition class as well. If what everyone says about the first ACE semester is true, I think every little bit will help to lessen the load! Can't wait to meet everyone at orientation!

    Oh, I took my CPR class with Atlanta CPR class, CPR training, CPR certification Philips AED training., it's the one on Dekalb Industrial Way for $50 (near the Dekalb Farmers Market).

    Anyone else taking classes this summer besides me??