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    I interviewed with Centinela Hospital in Inglewood and was wondering if anyone knew what their hiring process was. The Manager / Charge RN that interviewed me told me at the end of the interview that HR takes about 2-3 weeks to proces my paperwork. So do I follow up with the person that interviewed me or HR, and how much does HR influence the final decision if I have not met with anyone in HR???

    Thank you!!

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    Hi nep1980

    I have 2 careplan books that I don't like that much. Can you tell me the complete name or isbn number for the Davis careplan you are using. I tried looking it up just under "Davis" and was getting a bunch of stuff.

    Thanks a bunch

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    We just finished our nursing skills class and now the next section we start next week is Nursing Fundamentals. I know each Nursing program varies but can someone tell me the major differences between the Skills class and Fundamentals class. I'm aware that we will be learning Medication administration but aside from that have not heard nor seen a syllabus yet. When does Pathophysiology come into play or is that more for when we begin Med-Surg section in January. In skill we pretty much did the CNA duties (bedbath, bedmaking, etc.) I like to be prepared in advance so if there is anything I need to brush up on, I want to start asap.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you!!!

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    It was 3 semesters ( year & a half) when I applied but for me it ended up being 2 semesters ( 1 year). I guess it depends what date you apply. The waitlist goes based on your application date-unless they have changed things. Also it depends how many people ahead of you on the wait list pass the NLN-Pax entrance exam.

    Right now we are in convalescent homes for the 1st 8 weeks. After that we will get assigned to either: UCLA-Santa Monica Hopsital, St. Johns Hospital, Cedars, Brotman Hospital, VA Hospital and some others that I can not remember. I am not sure about UCLA-westwood. The counselor will be able to tell you.

    Good Luck!

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    Hang in there. If you get interrupted then go and study in the Library, park or anywhere that is not close to the people that distract you. If YOU really want this then Buckle down on your study time and put your social life on hold-or atleast manage your time better so that you can get 1 night off a week. I've only been in the program for 5 weeks and have either told my friends to count me out until Decemeber or have not been in contact with some others, that do not respect my decisions and the importance of school.

    Remember critical thinking involves experience AND Knowledge. So work on the knowlege areas that you are lacking in and the experience will come during clinicals and in time.

    Keep you chin up and FINISH school. You can party it up once you graduate

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    Call the Health Sciences Office at SMC and see if you can speak to a counselor. Maybe they can give you more information. Basically I found out about it 3 weeks ago, right after I started the program. I wish I had known during the waiting period (only 1 year), I could have taken some of those classes that would have been counted towards my BSN. I think the application period for SMC ASN program starts in October so you may want to call soon, as the counselors will be hard to get ahold of on the phone w/out an appointment.

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    I'll look into to RN notes thing too. Maybe our school bookstore has some


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    would you be offended if i asked it you could pm me a copy of yours, so i can build of off that?

    thank you!

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    Thanks for you replies.

    Appreciate it!!!

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    Hello all

    This is the end of my fourth week of Nursing school and even though I am stressed and my eyes are burning from reading so much, I am LOVING it!!!

    Can anyone recommend any "pocket" medical terminilogy and or Lab Values books or "quick reference" sheets/guide. I have regualar size books but need something small to bring to clinicals with me. Our clinical instructor has a way of questioning us on the spot, so I would like something I can quickly whip out of my pocket as opposed to carrying around 2 textbooks.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you!

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    Our school told us to get 5.5". Maybe just get a bigger size and return the one that you don't end up using or just keep both since they are cheap. Mine cost only $5

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    I saw this Stethoscope review online but want to know first hand if anyone here has used the Allheart Cardiology Stethoscope in class/clinicals. I am trying to find out if it is indeed better than the Littman Classic II SE. If I can save $80 and still get a better quality stethoscope, then I'd like to keep that money in my pocket. I usually prefer to pay for quality than just name brand but I have read a lot of NS on this site use the Littman Classic II SE. Based on this review ( the top 6 are:

    1. Littmann Cardiology III
    2. Allheart Cardiology
    3. Welch Allyn Harvey Tycos Elite
    4. Littmann Cardiology (I)
    5. ADC ADscope 603
    6. Littman Classic II SE

    Any adivce would be helpful


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    Please correct me if I'm wrong or missunderstanding your question. This is how I do it:

    1 ft = 12 inches, 12 divided by 8= 1.5 inches. 3/8th of a foot would be 3 times 1.5 inches= 4.5 inches.

    3 ft= 36 inches
    3/8 = 4.5 inches
    40.5 inches

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    I used to get all new books and then I wised up. This time I got all my books on Amazon for Fall. Most used some new (usually when it's a better deal then us or comes with a CD). I just make sure that it's the right edition and has minimal marks/wear and tear. I have saved myself almost $500

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    Not sure if you will be ready by sunday. Maybe if you take a pain medicine that morning it might make it tolerable. On the other hand you may be fine by then too. It varies for everyone but on average, I was told 4 days. I however, not only had the pain but also a fever. I was about to call my Dr. but I looked it up online and fever (less than 102) is also another normal side effect.

    Hope your arm is better by Sunday and good luck!