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    Thanks for the info! I'm registered for the orientation on June 16th.

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    I just received an acceptance email on May 15 informing me that I would be receiving my official letter in the mail shortly. When I originally applied back in February I was still taking my last pre-req and sent that last transcript around March.

    Thanks so much for all the information. Very helpful!!

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    Ok, no prob! Let me know if anything..

    Do you know if we meet everyone in the program on the first day of class or do we have some sort of orientation??

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    Yeah, i was thinking the same thing and have pretty much decided on FGCU. Are you still looking for a roommate?

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    I also got accepted into Fall 2010 entry level BSN program and my GPA is 3.3

    However, i am still not sure whether or not I am going to attend. I am between FGCU and Nova... comments on which one is the better option??

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    I also got accepted into FGCU nursing program and need a roommate. I applied to the North Lake Village housing but I'm still not sure if I'm going to live there.

    Could anyone suggest which would be the better choice between FGCU and Nova Southeastern University. I got accepted into both nursing programs, but I'm not sure which one I will attend. Nova is right next to home but it's way more expensive. Is the extra cost worth it?