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    Quote from PsychGuy
    Welcome to nursing, home of managers without power.

    What is a MH associate? Like a minimum wage aid? How stupid is that title. Man, I hate PC.
    I like this guy, let's give him a promotion.

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    Quote from TaylorM
    I've applied to Macewan for the Jan 17 intake as well. I'm entering out of high school with an average of 91. I've been notified that I don't currently meet the competitive average. After talking with them on the phone I was told that it is incredibly competitive and though my average meets what is technically required, there's no guarantee. Good luck to you! Here's hoping we both get accepted!
    That's pretty crazy I'm graduating next semester and I got in with 82%.

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    SF is known for its high cost of living so those salaries are justified.

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    Looks like you're well prepared. I would pay attention to "what would you do if..." questions, those always seemed to be in all my interviews. I would also ask questions if given the opportunity at the end. How does the unit support new grads? This shows you're serious about the job.

    Be confident, humble and showcase your value as an employee, Goodluck, you'll do great.

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    Quote from elkpark
    Define what you mean by "take reasonable action." "Causing other clients distress" is not a legitimate reason for forcing medication or restraint on someone anywhere I've worked over the years, which is what the OP is asking about.

    OP, situations in which the person is truly in danger of injuring her/himself, like punching walls or repeatedly kicking something solid and being unwilling or unable to stop, could be considered situations in which it is appropriate to initiate restrictive interventions (like forced medication, seclusion, or restraints).
    Disclaimer: I'm not an RN I'm just working as an undergraduate nurse employee for the summer but by reasonable action I mean moving the client to semi-seclusion or offering medication. I'm still learning but what would be the proper intervention?

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    I think it's appropriate to take reasonable action against a client who is destroying property, rationale being that they are causing other clients distress.

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    They are usually treated with AB and cleared medically before arriving to psych

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    Quote from rollieschmollie
    What is forensic psych nursing?
    Let me google that for you

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    Were you able to get it all sorted out? I'm looking at the process too and it seems very confusing. Let us know how it goes.

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    4:1 sometimes 5:1

    I hope DistrictNurse is well compensated for taking on 12-17 patients.

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    Why not try to get into immediate care nursery?. I found cultural issues less of a problem there.

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    Don't take it personally we've all had our share of bipolar and micromanaging unit managers. Just look for a new job asap and you can leave this one off your resume as you weren't there for very long anyway.

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    I found the same thing, they all require 1 yr+ so get that out of the way. There is demand you just have to be proactive.

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    I don't understand what the issue is? If they think they deserve a raise it's fully reasonable to ask for one.