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  • Sep 14 '17

    So today I learned that when I graduate I can do zero pretty in the way of medical interventions without a Drs orders, not including protocols/standing orders. I'm not sure why but I just kinda assumed that RNs were allowed to minimally invasive things like giving tylenol, maybe even start an IV (with rationale). So essentially does this mean nurses are pretty much limited to a hospital setting and can only really function with a M.D nearby for medical interventions that is. For example, lets say a palliative patients family hired you and you found they needed an IV started a home do you need to get an order from an MD?

    Just wondering what the reasoning behind this is? Do Drs not trust nursing judgement? I just didn't realize what people refer to as "autonomy" is actually just protocols.

  • Sep 4 '17

    I'm already $43,000 and I cry myself to sleep at night.