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    Yeah sorry that was my mistake. I was thinking about Medicine Hat when I meant to write Fort McMurray.....

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    So Northern Alberta is like Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie and area. There are hopsitals as well as clinics. I'm sure there would be outpost positions.

    They are quite clear about repaying the bursary if you do not fulfill the time commitment. We are a pretty outdoorsy family, and my children love the outdoors.

    The funding is through the Regional Health services serving northern alberta.

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    I am considering applying for a bursary in which I would owe one year of service after graduation for every year of assistance. I would have to commit to working in Northern Alberta.

    just wondering if anyone has any insight into what work is like in Northern Alberta. I have a young family so we would need to relocate, but the tuition help would be such a help, it's hard to pass up!