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    I think the nurse involved should be the one to take care of it. Your not doing her any favor by doing it for her.

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    HUMMMMM...lets see, I would think maybe a child could be endangered if the mother was asking a total stranger to adopt it! I believe a call to social services may have been in order.

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    shock -shock- shock- everyone -(epi)=shock and (amiodorone)

    Quote from SunStreak

    [font=Garamond]I am taking the ACLS test in 3 days ~ how on earth can I learn all these DRUGS??
    [font=Garamond]There's like 8 different drugs and they said we have to know their routes, dosages, etc....everything!

    [font=Garamond]ACLS people, HOW DID YOU DO IT?


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    People have different reactions to medications, and pain med is no different!

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    no....don't see it coming anytime soon...too many diploma schools out there..

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    and also scapolomine gel is included in ours.

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    Probably will not be anything to worry about. When it comes time to apply for your license, you will be asked questions that you can explain the what and why's....I just got my winter news letter for our state, and they pretty much state that if your honest and explain yourself you should not have a problem.

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    I would give it another try ifI were you !

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    Thats because there is no aseptic technique for trach suction, it must always be done sterile technique.

    Quote from JustBonny
    I work as a pediatric vent nurse in home care (shifts). I'm looking for documentation to support a very common practice within home care. Most patients don't have coverage for enough supplies to use a sterile suction kit each time we suction. Clean technique has become more common in the field. I recently checked with my agency for supporting documentation of this very common practice and found none! Does anyone know where I can look?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Direct all of your needs to a good physician !

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    Keep in mind many home health agencies folded over the medicare revisions. The mother of all forms is the oasis. Your would need a very experienced crew to start up with. You are taking on one huge endeavor....good luck to you !

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    Quote from Tina CTICU RN
    I currently work in the CTICU 50 miles one-way from my house. I have interviewed for the SICU at a hospital much closer to my home. Can someone give me insight into the SICU and what it has to offer? I just don't want to leave my job for a job I will hate (for the sake of shortening my commute).


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    P.S. Your info on unions is total garbage!....

    Quote from MzKittenRN

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    How about having some good old common sense!

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    How do you know what the american worker wants, you do not even live here!!!!!!!And watch your grammer, and caps...

    Quote from donmurray
    "Read my posts.

    I never said I don't like unions.

    Jim Huffman, RN QUOTE=James Huffman]
    "Ahh, unions. The siren song of the 20th century, and some nurses think it's the next Big Thing..../...
    If nurses want to belong to a union, more power to them. But there are many of us who have no desire to affiliate ourselves with the drudgery of unions, complete with their old-fashioned, top-down structure, their inflexibility, and the corruption that seems to go with union territory..../...
    Unions may have had their place 80 or 100 years ago. But they are a movement whose time has passed. The American worker is voting with his or her feet, and rejecting this outdated way of dealing with workplace opportunities and problems.

    Jim Huffman"

    I think this and similar posts might give that impression. Not exactly a fan, then...