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    thank you soo much miasat and nicole! it was really helpful.. ..for now I'm starting to ask AGAIN my friend in phil. to have my academic documents certified! wow! of course this would take a month i'm so sure! but it's ok! i'm concentrating on my French class so it doesn't matter. I also got my MICC's assessment..

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    hi miaSAT can you please give me the step by step process on how you done your OIIQ requirements.?? please.. I only had paid for MICC the $105 + their requirements which I made last december and for the OIIQ I've ask a friend to process my papers in the phil. do i still have to wait for the MICC's assessment and validation before I pass the other requirements need by the oiiq?I also taking now my French class. i'm looking forward to get some info thanks..