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    Quote from StrwbryblndRN
    I feel that anyone listed in your second paragraph has the potential to be unsafe. But not guaranteed.
    However I do not see the correlation of students with a low GPA/test scores.
    Apples and Oranges in my book. The best nurses I have met were ones who graduated at the low end of the class. Book smarts does not equal good clinical skills. I even know two 4.0 nurses with a previous masters that are very weak in their skills.
    I see the concern but find that the two types of people described can not be compared.
    On a side note: I do not see nursing programs in my area lowering their standards. I have been told recently that one program increased the GPA minimum.
    I am in a nursing program in Ohio. I find the people in you sencond paragraph very much a patient safety issue. I also find this information to be very disturbing in the fact that "x-drug" users are able to obtain there RN degrees. How is this possible??? In the program I am enrolled in they do background checks for issues like these. Also they are very strict on your GPA. I also have to say that I believe that it takes a balance of book smarts (math/science) and clinical skills. You can have a GPA of 4.0 but if you have no idea how to communicate, approach someone, or no common sense what good are you gonna do either?