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    My Mom passed away in 2011 at 62 😢

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    I rather stay out of the office there I am my own sup. flexible hours it's just me w/ the client :-)

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    @ yourbudy, I will check next week which EMR they use. The recruiter mentioned the name of the program but I forgot the name.
    @ BeachyNurse you are absolutely right about Hippa regulations. I don't think the agency will pay for anything happens to my own devices. That's why I'm don't think it's a good idea to
    Use my personal devices. I will speak with the agency administrator about this situation next week though. It's very uncomfortable.
    Thank you for your responses.

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    Hello Colleagues!!
    I'm going to start a new adventure as an RN for a HHC agency next week. I'm so excited! This agency have a shortage in computer. The recruiter told me that I can use my iPad. Is this ok? Or should I buy a new laptop?
    Any advices I will appreciate it.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Thank you for the tips. I will too be a new HHC nurse soon. I would like more advices though.

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    Quote from souleater11

    This book is better than Saunders and has a free 1 year online ebook version.

    use the Chapter Quiz for practice questions including the 200+ Comprehensive practice questions at the back pages.
    Really? Better than Saunders how come? Can u explain why is better than Saunders? Thanks!

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    Quote from melaniedale28f
    i failed twice.... But you know life is not all about failing. It's how we step up and fulfilled that dream of becoming a registered nurse.
    amen to that!!! Im going for my 3rd attempt!!!

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    Quote from dori1987
    I will be taking my nclex for the second time on may 8 I'm so nervous I have to
    Pass any suggestions
    Good luck!!!! Xo

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    Quote from Nurse428

    That promise, I recited and held close to my heart every time I felt the pressure of NCLEX. It gave me strength in times of doubt and exhaustion.


    I earned my degree from the Philippines and right after passing my boards there, I moved here in US. I immediately started to apply for CVS as soon as I got settled. The process took a year and 2 months before receiving my ATT last December 2012. During the first few months of the cvs process, I was always on the edge and impatient to have it done. But as the months passed, I eventually let the thing run its course as I got busy with my job.

    Then, as soon as I got my ATT, I scheduled to take the nclex on the last day (April 24)of the window period. I figured I needed time to prepare. I have been starting to read and review a few months before my ATT came, but it was more of letting the time pass. Or if my conscience was hunting me of not knowing anything anymore. When i scheduled my test, I enrolled in kaplan online on demand review and also bought a lot of books (hurst, Kaplan, PDA and Saunders ) trying to compare which was better.

    Kaplan Strategies book- I suggest read this when you need a run through of the topics and after comprehensive review. Because this book will help you prepare how to answer questions and eliminate choices to get to the correct answer.

    Hurst- this is by far the funniest and coolest book I have read about nursing. If my books in college especially med surg were written like it in college, I bet lessons would have not been so hard to understand. I believe Aunt Marlene did a great job in explaining Pharmacology in a nutshell.

    Saunders- for comprehensive review, this is the book to read and understand by heart. It explained each disease process in simple and in a concise manner. Of course it is not that compete as it could be, but whenever I had more questions about a topic, I try to look for other books for details.

    PDA- great for practicing and knowing what to expect in NCLEX. Questions here were
    formulated the way NCLEX questions are given. Raw, simple but definitely tricky.

    Kaplan review- I wasn't able to finish watching the videos because I felt I could learn more in reading Saunders than watching the videos. The videos, aside from being so long, felt like everything was mooshed together. I mostly used the qbank and qtrainers to gauge myself in areas I needed to improve with. The questions were definitely harder in Kaplan.

    I started to answer 25 questions a day for 2 weeks and progressed to 75 questions a day on my 3rd week. A week before my exam, I started the q trainers 4567 and readiness test. I completed answering PDA. 2 days before the date, I reviewed the normal values and read the 35 page cram sheet that went around here in all The day before my test I went to the spa and had my nails done and watched the voice before I went to sleep.

    I was calm and collected as I could be during the week of my exam and during the day itself. When I had anxiety attacks once a while, I recited that verse and prayed for strength. I found solace each time I prayed. I get to keep enough strength and courage each time I finish my prayer to Jesus. Each time, He never fails. He never fails.

    My test shut off at 75. And the whole time I was taking my test, the butterflies in my stomach were in coma. Which I was so grateful for because, I could have lost my sanity if they were awake.

    So tonight, I share this experience to the readers of this wonderful community. If I have done it, you can too! Just believe in yourself. Work hard and pray harder. It's a difficult journey, but nothing worth having is easy. It's difficult but never impossible. As Dory said, " just keep swimming, swimming swimming"

    Be blessed nurses!

    SJT, BSN, RN

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    Quote from ePerfect
    Yeah, I'll have to do that. I'm not going to retry taking the exam for at least 90 days and I'm planning on taking Kaplan this time. Last time I took Hurst, which is a really good program but I think my problem isn't not knowing the content, I think my problem is not being able to properly answer the questions. I don't know. But I'm not giving up until I get my license. If I have to take the exam in all 50 states then so be it! >:O
    I will take the nclex rn for the 3rd time also so you aren't alone. And well say " if I have to take the exam in all 50 states then so be it!" I'm from Florida, but they required 3 attempts only that's why I'd applied in NY which its unlimited.
    This time I will use hurst along with Saunders to review content then kaplan ( which is very similar to the real test) to practice q's as well as Nclex 4000.
    Good luck to us!!! This time I will start studying before get my ATT cause knowing the date of the exam make me so anxious!! Lol so because I took it recently on 4/20 I have to wait 45 days to re apply w/ PearsoN VUE.

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    Quote from obloom14
    The first two tries I did tell people...except classmates. But for my third attempt no one knows...just me. This way they won't keep bothering me and god forbid if I don't make it again I can always tell them I postponed it. Its already a disappointment that I've failed twice, I can't keep letting the parents down. No need for support either, I got through nursing school without it I can do it again with nclex. keep what you know to yourself when you find out that youre an RN, suprise them. That's my plan!
    I completely agree with you obloom, the first two times friends and family knew, but for my third attempt not even my husband will know. Its too much pressure although I wish I could go far to a motel or sometime to study and be relax. I can't not be relax at home and working FT job. Its horrible!!! I hope this time I can say " I did the pop up I pass"!! Omg that will be awesome!!! Good luck to us.

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    Quote from obloom14

    illy video, but helped me remember some strips.
    Hi obloom14 did u read my private message? Please and thank u so much!

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    Quote from morrey

    Stay positive!! Don't give up!
    Thank you morrey. ;-)

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    Quote from obloom14

    PM me I can help you get organized. This is my third time taking it and I finally figured out how to study and what to study.
    Thank you so much! I sent u a PM. &hearts;:-)

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    Quote from Nurse_AR415

    I took took my Nclex RN for the 2nd time and failed! But I know on this next try I will pass it!!! I'm not giving are not alone! We can do this!
    Thanks Nurse_AR415!! You are right, i wont never give up thats for sure. We can pass it!! Good luck in you 3rd time...what is your study methods/tools?