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    Thanks for all of the great suggestions!

    Yes, our instructor said that she wants us to bring all of our books with us each day - it ought to be very interesting because our room is so small and with 33 students elbow to elbow AND all of our books - it promises to be a very snug and uncomfortable room!

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    Hi All,
    I will be starting nursing school in July, and it was suggested that we use a rolling backpack (of some sort) to carry all of our books - we have SO many and our teacher wants us to bring them all everyday!

    Do any of you have suggestions as to what type has worked best for you? Any websites with pictures would be most helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We ARE the same person! LOL!
    I know exactly how you feel - I was a stay-at-home wife/mom for years and even though I told him what to expect when I started working and going to school, He hasn't changed a bit! He just doesn't get it that he needs to pick up some of the slack to TRY to make the load a little more even on both sides! He just seems to feel that this is MY dream -so why should he have to change things?

    I hope that you continue to pursue your dream in spite of the obstacles. I plan to - even though it seems pretty daunting right now. We have waited too long for this right?

    Thanks to ALL of you for taking the time to comment. It is good to know that I am not alone and that others are able to make it all work. Good luck to everyone!

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    I will be starting the LPN program July 8th and while my husband is happy for me, he isn't exactly what I would call "supportive". I am concerned that he really doesn't understand the amount of time and effort I will need to commit to my studies and what a strain that will cause on our marriage. I am 49 years old and due to my age, I find that I need a lot of extra study time to be able to keep it all in my memory bank. I am an A student, but it requires a HUGE amount of time to keep it that way. My husband just sees the "A" and thinks it is easy for me.

    My husband doesn't help much around the house - he is very "old school" and doesn't grocery shop, prepare meals, or do laundry. I am telling you that there is no way that he WILL do these things either. He WILL clean the kitchen but that is the extent of it. I am currently working two twelve hour shifts on the weekend, and I am so afraid that between my school schedule, study time, work schedule and managing my home that I won't have enough time to devote to my marriage. As in ALL marriages, couples NEED to devote time to be with each other and with the schedule I envision, I don't see where I will find the time.

    I have brought these concerns up to my husband and he brushes them off because he was such a braniac when he was in college and didn't need to study much to get a good grade. I want to quit my weekend job so badly to devote more time to my studies and to him but he believes that money problems will be MORE of a strain on our marriage than work and school. He told me, "There are a lot of people that go to school and work - you just need to suck it up and do it!"

    Anyone going through this right now or have any suggestions for me? I want so badly to be a nurse and have waited so long for this!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Mindy,
    I just got my acceptance letter from Chattahoochee and begin classes in July too ! Looks like we will be on this "journey" together! See you at Orientation - best of luck to you!