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    I did specifically ask about the CD and that is what he told me. He said my score was good for not having reviewed at all. I just finished with classes and have not started to review at all. So now I will work on the areas that I didn't score so well in. I guess it takes about 4 weeks from now for all the paper work to be processed before we can even sign up for the test. I don't think i am going to pay for any additional tools. What state are you in ? I am in Washington State.

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    Okay so I called Kaplan and found out that scores of 65 to 70 are considered a good score to base passing the Nclex on! Yea!

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    I don't know what is a good score either. I took it and got a 66 percent! If 50% is passing for NCLEX then great, but I don't know!
    Maybe someone else can help us here!