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    I did it for personal development as I left school with only CSE,s was an enrolled nurse and just kept studying but I am no academic!I am over 50 and never got the chance to go to college or university so i am very pleased that I got a degree at 54 years old (last year)!!! I have also just got a new job and some of the module contents helped I am sure as I had to do alot of reading on policy etc that normally i would never have read.The modules you have picked sound right but talk to the OU people they are very helpful.I even changed my tutor because I did not feel she was helpful and the university were supportive but do not underestimate the time you have to put in especially when you are working as well.Good luck.Heather.

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    I work in palliative care so was not really relevant to that job as the level 3 options are general communication and managing.Depends what you want to do next eg a specific area you are working such as critical care in or a step up the career ladder.Look at the RCN website as if you are a member you get a discount.I dont think the NHS will fund a degree at present!!!

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    Hi I finished my degree last year and got a 2:1.Its very general but a good platform to other things.I am not sure if it will get you a job but it proves you can work to degree level.Some of the tutors were great ,some not too good just depends.You need to be motivated as there is alot of work involved and go to the tutorials ,it helps.I did a level 2 course first to get into the OU way of teaching.I met alot of interesting people that normally as a general nurse I would not meet.Good luck.