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    she was to late to apply for this year.recruiter did not seem to eager to tell her much at this time due to things might change in a year.
    will have one year of university under her belt and will reapply next january.
    just got all her papers from dal last evening and is getting more excited by the moment.

    thanks for all the info.

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    our daughter is accepted to the dalhousie nursing program in halifax ns.
    she is off to see the recruiter tomorrow.
    one thing we cannot understand from the caf website is when basic training is done.
    it seem to be the first summer before start of 1st year classes,but where she works is frequented by military personnel,they say basic is the first summer after she graduates.
    does anyone know for certain?

    i think it would be pretty harsh for a skinny 18year who has never been away from home before.

    is there any difference in nursing between the af/navy and army(beyond the obvious ships for the navy)