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    Hey all. Currently a MICU nurse with two years experience. I am currently in the process of interviewing for a STICU job at a level 1 hospital. I have had one interview with the manager and have talked with a few staff members. I now have a second interview this week in what sounds like a "board" interview. This is new for me. Not only is the interview scary but STICU is way out of my comfort zone but I know it is something that I would really enjoy. Please help with tips and past experiences. Thank you so much.

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    Alabama here, we went from 1-3pts (12 bed unit) for about a week then full with holds in the ER. The hospital was low too. It comes and gos.

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    I know this might be a bit late for you but maybe it will help others. At the last two hospitals I have worked at "customers" are not only the patients but, families, Doctors, support staff and co-workers. The belief is that you are here to serve everyone. Hope this helps someone