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    If you like the outdoors then you will love it here. The cold isn't bad really. I live in the Anchorage area and it isn't bad. Like Fairbanks with -60 in the winter at times. I wouldn't live anywhere in this state except this area and that is as much to do with the winter. The cold is doable more because the humidity is low. While it is cold it isn't miserable and you still can have fun being outside. Be prepared though, the cost of living is probably more than what you are use to. We knew that moving here but I feel we were a bit ill prepared. We live a nice community outside Anchorage and spent quite a bit for the comfort but it is worth it. Our main expenses would be our boat that we purchased to go out to Prince William Sound. I came from La where we had a bass boat and a 12K-15K boat was expensive. The boat we have now could have bought me a couple of cars. lol. However, the trade off is worth it due to the amount of time we spend on the water.

    My son loves to hunt as well. One thing we have had to do is limit his hunting for the first year or two so my husband can go and learn. He is use to deer hunting, duck hunting. Hunting moose, caribou and bear is VERY different and can be deadly. However, I know that by next year our son will be out there with his dad. Please contact me if you decide to move up and need help/advice or anything that can help you make the transition. Oh and to hawaii are CHEAP!!!

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    Well for whatever reason I've never gotten insurance. I don't know why other than I felt it was not something I "needed". However, I did get some this morning. Thank you for reminding me that it is up to me to protect me. It is too inexpensive to NOT have in my opinion. My prayer is that I'll never need it. Wishing the OP the very best. I hope whatever happened is over for you and things are better!

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    Quote from futuretravelrn
    how do you find alaska weather wise? honestly? my husband is dying to go there (he loves hunting, fishing, etc) and i think it would be great for our kids, i'm just nervous about the winter! (we live in indiana now, so it's not like we don't have winter)
    Honestly, it took some getting use to but let me say that it isn't that bad. We moved here from Louisiana where we get pretty much NO winter/snow. lol. It took me to learn to drive in the snow but I moved up in oct 2009 and started in hospice where I was out everyday and on call during the winter. Now? I LOVE it here. We are outdoor people and spend many weekends in the summer on our boat in Prince William Sound. Camping, hiking or fishing. There is never enough time in the summer to get everything in that you want to do. My husband is a big hunter as well. He went on a bear hunt this year, moose hunt and caribou hunt. All were fun for him and he brought home a caribou. Our son is 13 and I was worried about him moving here but he has adjusted well. He too loves the outdoor stuff so he is always finding things to do like fishing, camping, hunter......You get the idea. I do like the schools here much better than Louisiana. I feel he is getting a better education now.

    Winter is winter. It snows but really it never slows us down. Yeah the traffic at first snow is tricky because everyone is still in summer driving mindset but it isn't that bad. There is still so much to do in the winter. The hardest part was the darkness but with Vit D and show shoes or skis you are good to go. The key is to get active and have fun. I enjoy winter as much as I do summer now but for different reasons. I think if you have a chance to come here you should. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We originally planned to be here for two years and now have revised our plan to spend at least the next 8 yrs here.

    If you need any additional information or have questions feel free to contact me.

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    Quote from dixRN
    I actually am doing my second 3 month travel contract at Providence in Anchorage, which has been a very nice place to work with great staff. I have been over to ANC for a look-see out of curiosity & when a tourist up in Barrow, the nursing supervisor took me on a tour of the Barrow native hospital. The nurses I am working with have friends that work at ANC & are happy there. Maybe you could get your foot in the door with some per diem.

    Thanks for responding. I am considering per diem as well. Right now I am going to continue where I am and see if I can't get my foot in the door like you said. I love where I work now but so NEED some bedside nursing experience.

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    Quote from dixRN
    Alaska's ANC hospital is the native/Indian hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Google: Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. I believe that there is also a student loan payback if you work for the BIA in the lower 48 states. The ANC hospital in Anchorage is a nice place to work & Alaska is AMAZING! It is such a huge state. I have been here for 6 months & only seen & done a fraction of what is available.
    I live in Alaska and work in Anchorage. I hope you enjoy the state. I've only been here for 2 years and Love it!!!! I am working for a small surgical clinic/dr office. I love the people I work with and our patients are wonderful. I've been trying to get on with local hosp(s) here but am finding it very difficult. I graduated in 09 and my background is mostly hospice/home health. I am beating my head against a wall everywhere I go. I wish you the very best and hope you explore the state a bit before you leave.

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    I failed my 2nd level clinical by 7/10 of a point. Yep, I cried and wailed. Then I got determined and took it again. I passed and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Of course it is easier to say that now but even then I knew I was missing something I needed. Repeating that level really taught me what I needed to make it!!!!

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    AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Congrats to you!!!! I'm so happy for you. I hope you love hospice as much as I do!!!!! You DO rock!

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    wow!! I am faced with this right now so I"m so glad I found this post. I have a pt who is declining rapidly. My heart breaks for him but i"m happy for him at the same time. We have had so many talks about death. My pt is precious. Most amazing, loving, compassionate and passionate. My pt has verbalized a desire to die. "I'm ready. I'm so tired. How long will this take?" These questions have haunted me for sometime. Friday evening I was at the bedside and it is close. I can smell "that" smell and I know that the chances of him seeing another two days even will be a sort of miracle.

    I left on Friday and pulled into a parking lot and allowed myself to cry. I know that this is what my pt wants. No regrets and he has done so much work internally to prepare. I think knowing his wishes brings me some peace. I will be there when the time comes no matter if I'm on call or not. My wonderful nurses that I work with know to call me. There seems to always be one that gets to you someway.

    Cope? Well, I just feel what I feel. Find someone involved to vent to and smile knowing we did exactly what that pt needed. Comfort, support, love and dignity. To our patients and their families.

    Hang in there!

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    The only thing I can think to say to you is that you need to do what is right for YOU. You are saying different things. one, you feel hospice is your place. your calling and then you say but........I don't know. Well, the thing is no one KNOWS from the very beginning. Being a hospice nurse is a huge challenge on a daily basis. you never know what you are walking into at times. Surprises around every corner. End of life care is unique to each person and I feel that end of life care as provided by nurses is as unique.

    you have a decision to make and my hope for you is that you decide in a way that will allow you to smile on a daily basis. know that the lives you touch lasts forever for some. And sometimes you only have days to make things happen. I've had mere hours before. It is difficult and challenging but being a hospice nurse is so rewarding. I feel happy. I feel fulfilled. I am frustrated and stressed out at times as well but at the end of the day I KNOW I'm doing what I was created to do.

    Post back here when you decide. Wishing you all the best no matter what. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.
    Peace to you

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    The best advice I can offer as a hospice nurse. Understand your patients disease process and think ahead of what will become a problem so you may plan your care. Figure out a way to start very organized and keep that system. For me* being organized can either make it all work or it all falls apart in the middle of my day. Meet your patients and families where they are and understand that each person isn't going to be on the "same page of music" as others. That was something that I had a hard time with and that is why I mention it to you. I use to think "my gosh, why can't they see ...blah blah blah". Well, it took some time but really, patients and families are just doing the best they can and you will make the difference in increasing their understanding and acceptance a lot of times. Oh and last think, teach something EVERY time you are with your patient. I make it a rule for myself that each visit I must teach something. Kind of keeps me focused.
    Congrats and hope you post more once you are in the field.

    Not sure if you are in a facility or out in the field but either way I wish you the very best. You are going to blessed by your patients!!!!


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    Quote from erroridiot

    Sad to say that in a situation like this, I prefer to use my head and not my heart.

    Situations like this require some logical thought and analysis to gain an objective view of the situation.

    Hopefully, this person did not entangle you in her web of fraud.

    Me too on the using your head and not your heart part. I did use my head and did what I was suppose to do but I'm aware that my heart hurts too. Doing the right thing doesn't always mean it won't hurt. And no, I did not get caught up or entangled. I protected the patients and that is my FIRST priority. period.
    Thank you much for writing.

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    Quote from caliotter3
    I have encountered this on more than one occasion. In one instance the individual was already in a new job before the DOCS could fire her. If a person becomes aware of the fraud and fails to report it, then they can also be accused of complicity. Check on "fraud, waste, and abuse" laws and your responsibility to report. This type of fraud is occasionally discussed in the home health forum. It happens often enough to be of interest to those in the field.

    thanks so much. I'm going to ck out the HH section as well as the hospice section of this site. As far as being in a new job before getting "caught". That isn't the case for her. I found it and reported it. It is done. Doesn't make you (me) happy but I did what I was suppose to do and now I'm just going to let it go. In so many ways I can see where this type of behavior would be attractive BUT I know that this can be dangerous for the patient(s) as well as the nurses involved in the patients' care. So......I'm still disappointed but a bit PO'd too.

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    thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. It is sad and I do believe she had her reasons. I also don't think she was doing this to be ugly in anyway but yes...maybe overwhelmed. I have pulled for her to keep her job WITH frequent monitoring for a time. I think if she is willing to admit her part and make personal changes then why not a 2nd chance. However, i'm not the "powers to be" but we shall see. Thanks again to all of ya'll!!

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    Quote from sheronep
    There's nothing wrong with ranting.

    Now that that's done - remember the nurse practice act and nurse ethics and report her. You are charged with protecting your patients - even from nurses. I am so sorry for your loss - and yes it is a loss. I hope you don't internalize this and realize that you will find another mentor. It might be a while to put her back into the friend category - but it may happen.

    Good luck.
    Thank you so much for commenting and reading my post. You really summed up what I"m feeling. She has been reported and now it is just done. How very sad and something that shouldn't have happened. GRRR!!! Thanks again so much.

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    I think that a lot of nurses are overlooked and/or ignored by those who shouldn't but I also feel that most nurse are nurses for their own satisfaction. Yes, I enjoy helping others. I love being at the bedside and making a difference but what makes me happy is the satisfaction of knowing I repositioned, or cleaned them, or made certain their meds were correct...the list goes on and on as you know. I guess the biggest part of thank you comes from within myself to myself.

    I think many people don't relize what all we do and/or why we do it. That is ok with me honestly. The very BEST thank you I've ever gotten from a family/patient was the family commenting to me that they felt very comfortable with a dying loved one because I had taught them over the last months what to expect and the changes were not scary for them. That totally made my day, week, month and year. They never came right out and said "thank you" but during those last days watching them with their loved one was enough to make me feel satisified and fulfilled. How humbling and I am so very grateful.

    No worries about formal thank you(s) but wanted to share that the thank you(s) come from within and in many different ways.