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    Update: I passed the is submitted so we shall see

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    Well that's awesome for your friend! That's the plan...pass CCRN and get on the interview trail!

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm finishing up my application for CRNA school at UAB due by October. I've been toying with the idea ever since I became a nurse a couple of years ago, but have decided that this is really what I want to do. I was just looking around to see if anyone else on here intended to complete their app for this October as well? I will provide my application stats and anyone else is welcomed to do so if you are applying or have applied and gotten in in the recent past.

    Last 60 hours GPA- 3.7
    Science GPA- 4.0
    Combined GPA- 3.85

    I was an ADN student and finished my BSN online. I have a prior bachelors degree in an unrelated subject.

    GRE- Q150- V152- AW4.5

    2 years ICU experience with some in CCU and some in SICU(neuro is included in there as well), I also have a flexi job in PACU


    I have precepted a student and a few new employees, and I have been relief charge some for the unit. I am also on a couple if councils for the unit.

    I have references from the head MDA, director of critical care, and the director of my unit.

    I have shadowed 10 hours, but I intend to do a few more before October.

    I am also set to take CCRN at the end of August.

    If anyone has any comments or advice on how to beef up my application or things I should do differently feel free to post. Also, anyone can post their stats as people seem to love looking over these.

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    150 on each is the average score of accepted students...I've heard of people making less and more and getting in

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    I'm looking to apply to UAB's CRNA school and I have the following stats:

    Nursing GPA (last 60 hours): 3.85
    Science and Chemistry GPA: 4.0

    GRE: 150 quantitative/ 152 verbal

    Experience: 2 years critical care/ surgical intensive care

    I have precepted students and new employees.

    I am set to take CCRN next month.

    How do these stack up to people applying to CRNA school at UAB?

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    Hello everyone! I just had a couple of quick questions. I'll be applying for the fall of 2014 at UAB with a concentration of acute care/ RNFA and a backup choice of adult gerontology acute care or FNP. I can't decide on the backup. I have a last 60 hours GPA of 3.65 and almost 2 years critical care nursing experience. I have a 4.0 from all science courses taken. I am currently in my second semester of an RN to BSN program that I will finish in summer. I was just wondering if this would be decent enough to get into these programs? Thanks so much.

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    I was wondering about the RN mobility programs at the schools in the state of Alabama? I am really looking at JSU and AUM. I have heard that JSU really isn't bad at all but have not heard about AUM. I am going to need A's in these classes if possible, I want to go to CRNA school and it is a daunting task at best. I am swinging as many A's as B's while in nursing school now. I have around a 3.6 GPA throughout nursing and all A's in my sciences. Any info is greatly appreciated on these schools, especially AUM and JSU.

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    I appreciate the info!...I have a good friend who is going to help me get on SICU. I hear they like that experience. I will shadow because I do have the opportunity. I am also volunteering with an anesthesiologist and a family practice MD. Do you happen to know what the average stats (gpa,gre, etc.) are for people accepted at UAB? Thanks again!

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    I will be finishing my ADN shortly and have managed to keep a 3.5 GPA in my nursing classes thus far. I am planning to attend JSU RN to BSN mobility program as I hear it is very informative. I have a friend there now that said its a breeze to make A's as long as you put your time in, he made A's the first semester. I have a science GPA of 4.0. I plan to eventually apply to UAB and Samford's CRNA schools after my BSN completion. The GRE wasn't that great for me as I scored a 1040. Worst case scenario if I make mostly B's finishing out my BSN I will maintain about a 3.4 in my last 60 hours GPA, 4.0 in my sciences, and a combined of about 3.65-3.7. I should be able to do better though, hopefully. At the time of application due dates I hope to have around 1 years experience working in the ICU. Is there anything that I could be doing in the mean time besides keeping my grades up to better my chances at CRNA school? If I can stay on this track should I be competitive for UAB and Samford? Just looking for a little direction here...haha...thanks everyone.

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    Words of advice to everyone from someone who just finished their first semester at shelby: don't worry about all the med forms and background checks...there will be time and the first day is used for stuff like that. Read your book, read your book, read your book as much as you can. Try not to stress about validations because the teachers are there to help as much as they can. One day at a time.

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    The background screen is paid for in class and conducted right before is done throug verified credentials....they are required to get it back in 5 days so you can attend clinicals. The ABON is regulations I believe. Check your forms you got to sign for orientation and see if the one you have to initial a bunch has something about agreeing to the ABON regulations. Dosage calculation packet is a packet of 48 dosage calculation math problems for us to practice, and it was given out at orientation. I don't think they grade it.

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    I might be wrong, but I think we have to print and save a copy of the ABON rules and regs...I think that what they meant by signing it is an agreement on the paper where you had to initial so many times. I think that was it but I could easily be wrong...

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    A friend and classmate discovered that barnes and noble has our exact books available to order for around $ e-books...but all physical texts...I dont know anything about the fin. aid though...sorry!

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    everyone should have gotten the e-mail that said Aug. 16 would be the earliest you can get books...btw...I think that 2 of our 3 classes have stuff already posted that you can look at on blackboard...

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    They are late with everything thus money says its like a week before that we have access to our books...