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    Wow, that is an amazing account! I am so thankful that they were able to quickly assess and treat these wounded, effectively saving so many lives...

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    Sorry, I meant OBC... still learning all the acronyms...

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    HI, I just filled out the prescreen for the PHS, so excited! Question: How is the OCS, and how are the deployments? According to one of the websites I saw, the deployments are mostly voluntary and longest is two weeks. Can any of you current PHS corp expound at all?
    Thanks, I would GREATLY appreciate!

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    I worked at UK for about 2 years. Just left actually. Retirements awesome, but I really didn't like having to drive into Lexington and park a mile away (oh and pay $350 a year to park a mile away!) But it is a good workplace. As far as an interview, apply for every position that you can, then you can get as many interviews as possible

    Good luck!

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    I had a guy come in a couple months ago with a "bad taste in his mouth" He had eaten beef jerky and said that it left a bad taste in his mouth and was wondering if he could be poisoned? Of course the fact that he was drinking his mountain dew and smoking had no effect!