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    Hi everyone my name is Justin and I am currently a nursing student. I have an assignment on nursing politics so I have to interview nurses or nursing students. I just had a few questions so if you have some time please respond thank you. The responses to the questions do not have to be lengthy.

    1.How long have you been working as a nurse or are you a nursing student?
    2.Are you involve in nursing politics in any way?
    3. Is there any policies you would like to see implemented in the coming years?
    4. Do you think there is a shortage of nurses?
    5. How well do you function if you have a big workload and a lot of patients?
    6. Do you think you will do better quality work if you had less patients?
    7. Do you think there is an increase in violence against nurses?
    8. Do you have any personal experiences with violence from patients?
    9. If you did experience violence from a patient how did you handle the situation?
    10. Do you believe patients should be charged with a felony if they were violent with a nurse?
    11. Would you feel safer if a bill was passed that charged violent patients that assault nurses with a felony?
    12. What are your concerns about the nursing field?