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    I had the same question. I've heard to go for peds 1st then once those options are spent then try med-surg. I also recently heard that peds home care might be a good option for someone w/our interests

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    Quote from EKnicuRN
    I was also hired out of school into a Level IIIc may have to do some serious digging around but if peds is what you want it is possible
    Level III?!? Doesn't a position like that require previous experience? As in more than just clinical?

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    I am a soon to be new grad and would love to get in to a pediatrics field. It seems most pediatric units require previous experience. My question is, if I can't get a PEDS position first thing then where would be a good department that would make for a rather smooth transition to a PEDS position in the future? Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.