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    OK so my CNA license expired 7-8 months ago and I got my Nursing assistant certificate from college like 2 years ago.

    Do I have to retake the Nursing assistant course? I am majoring in Nutritional science now, I am a sophomore.

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    I'm a sophomore ( I transferred ) and I am not doing well. I'm not going to get any A's.. maybe for the lab in microbiology. I expect getting like a B on Microbiology lecture, B on Intro to sociology, however, my avg are 70's for Chemistry lecture/lab, and pre-calc.
    I might fail chemistry, both, lecture and lab. if i do pass, it will be luck.. it would be a C. I don't have any chemistry background, it is all new to me. This course is like way harder than A&P 2..

    I know my GPA won't be good for this semester. Maybe chemistry is just not for me. I love biology and i could easily get an A for microbiology, but I had to ignore that course to catch up with my other classes.. so I got a 68 on exam 2 without studying. I am majoring in Nutritional science which is all about science.. a lot of lab. Do you think I should drop it? I have like no idea what could happen if i drop a course. I get financial aids.. I saw it will effect financial aid. I can probably keep on and pass with a C. I'm hoping to get mostly A's and B's next semester. I will do better.

    I am not smart , so I am not trying to get like above 3.6 GPA.

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    Grr, why people care about A's? those who are getting 70's should vent. I am getting 70's in all my exams. I am currently failing two courses and maybe a lab. I dunno what to do. I guess I just need help. You should be happy with a B. Nobody will care about your grade, just yourself ;\

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    I am a new student of UMass lowell. It takes me a while to adapt to new environment. I have no friends and I haven't made any. So basically, I'm doing this on my own, I don't ask for help and whatnot. I know it is time to start going to tutoring. I always did my work on my own. I finished college with a GPA of 3.42 mostly doing all of my work on my own, without asking for help.

    I am getting kick in the face by chemistry and management precalc. I have never taken chemistry and I only got to Algebra 1 (I took that like 2 years ago) As of now, I am failing for precalc and chemistry. I'm doing just OK for Chemistry lab; I just have to do better for exam 2 and 3 to pass. If I do bad, I will fail. Anyways, I am doing good in Microbiology. I might end up with an A, but because I am stressed... not sure. I am ignoring microbiology for now to do better in my other courses.

    I just need study tips. When something is new to me, it takes a while to learn it.

    Oh, and I am taking Intro to sociology, but I plan to drop that course. I am completely ignoring that class. Also, I work 26 hours a week. Thus, I am taking 15 credits class and I work 26 hours a week. I registered late since I had to wait, so I don't like my schedule. Next semester will be better because I know what to do. I really want to pass all of my courses.

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    Quote from kelsiedana
    And I'm taking over a full load this semester! Science comes easy to me when I want to learn about it- so that's what makes everything a little easier for me. But, it's still a lot!
    Ever since I went vegan ( I used to eat mostly raw food ) now I eat less raw food, so I don't eat a lot of fruits. I should get back to that diet. That's how I got a lot of A's in college. A&P 1-2 is harder than Microbiology , I ended with B's for these courses. My goal is to get at least 3 hours of study for Microbiiology and Chemistry per day. I want good GPA in science.

    I am more of a visual learner. I will not learn by just listening. I have to see some videos in order to picture it.

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    Quote from kelsiedana
    I took classes for 3 years at a local community college working towards their nursing program. I had all you typical prereq pre-nursing courses (a&p 1 and 2, microbio ect...) I had to keep retaking the courses because I could not get above a mid C average. Once I got to the final- I bombed and it killed my cumulative gpa.

    I took a year off and I recently started over and applied to a university as undecided because I knew I wouldn't get into the nursing program with my hs record and what happened at the community college.

    I am currently an A+ student in all of my pre-nursing classes. It's happening because I have 100% motivation to be a nurse and to succeed. I never did test well- when I took that year off I had a talk with myself and I told myself if I want this bad enough- I'm just going to have to learn to test well! And that is what I did! I study my butt off and I do different studying methods all the time.

    Here are some that I find most helpful for me:
    1. Be as organized as you possibly can be. The more organized you are- the easier it will be for you to find information to study for midterms and finals!

    2. Stay ahead of your class. Read the chapter BEFORE the lecture on that chapter- take notes. If you are provided with outlines before the chapters- great! Utilize them and elaborate on them before your professor lectures it. That way, when he/she is lecturing you can sit back and retain what he/she is saying and jot down anything necessary that you missed in your notes.

    3. Flash cards are great- but don't spend all of your time making them. I used to find myself making SO many flash cards and then never even having the time to study them. Make some for very important things that you must memorize! Ex: the pathogenic prokaryote bacteria. Or cranial nerves.

    4. Draw diagrams and pictures to help you understand things. Ex: Get a white board to practice balancing chemical equations!

    5. Make outlines for each chapter of important information you need to know for your test. Save it for the final! (I love doing this!)

    Most importantly: Don't slack off- you're gonna be tired when you get home from a long day and that phone call from your friend to go to the bar is going to be very tempting- DONT DO IT. If they don't understand, they were never a true friend to begin with. Eat healthy- your brain functions when you have the proper nutrition going into your body. When you eat like crap, you perform like crap- in every area of your life! Make time to do stuff you love doing at least once a week- you need to stay sane and relax!
    it is difficult to do #2! since i work 26 hours a week and taking a lot of courses. Im falling a bit behiind in all. im trying to catch up

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    Quote from Mandy0728
    It's week 8 for me & I am getting a 76 in statistics & a 70 in African amer culture. I'm not gonna lie, I barely study for those classes since I dedicate all my time to Spanish, A&P II and chemistry. I have As in those. To be honest my motivation isn't as high as it should be, because I'm just ready to know if I got accepted into my nursing program. I find out next week. I've been waiting since June 1st!
    I hope you get accepted! Spanish is my first language. It is a good language to learn.

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    Not sure if I am doing good, but so far, I got a 75 in exam 1 for Chemistry, 83 for exam 1 in Micriobiology, 53 out of 70 ( I think it is a C ) for Pre-Calc exam 1, and 73 for Microbiology lab. I think I am going to do so bad in chemistry lab.. I don't understand anything and I haven't studied.. I better study.

    I like Microbiology and Math, but chemistry is a challenge.. so much to memorize! It won't fit in my brain .

    I did make a lot of mistake for all of my exam. My mind always go blank duriing an exam ;\ I could have easily gotten an A for microbiology because I did study hard for it to get a good mark, but I couldn't visualize what I wrote on flashcards, etc.
    My math teacher is happy for me that I got a C. Initially, he told me I might have to retake pre-calc, but if I keep doing this good, I'll pass ^^

    I work 27 hours a week and taking 4 courses plus 3 labs. Not too bad >:\

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    I am trying to focus more on science since I want good GPA in science. ^^;; My goal is to get at least B+ or A for my science courses. I want to keep my GPA above 3.5 for science. It is good enough for me. I'm doing bad for all of my courses because of my dang job. I'm trying to chance shift and get less hours. Once I change shift, I will study hard! I know I still have a chance to get the grade I want

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    I got 70's on the first exam for Chemistry, Microbiology, and Microbiology lab. So yeah, my avgs are like 70's for all of my courses. Except maybe Math.. it is too hard. My teacher said I might have to retake it. I need study options. I am concerned to end up getting bad grades, like C on some class as a final grade. I am trying to change shift at my job and work at least 16-18 hours a week or I will quit!

    So do you think I should mostly watch videos on Youtube (it does help me a lot because I can picture it.) When I read something, I just don't get it.. I need pictures, etc. I am a more like a visual learner.

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    I am screwed because I have never worked as a CNA. You think they would still hire me if I apply now? Like, if they know that my license expires in 2 weeks and I have never worked as a CNA, I don't think I will get hired ;\

    You think I should just wait 'till it expires and take the CNA state exams again? I forgot a lot of things so I gotta practice online and read the CNA book a bit.

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    Hey all, I got accepted for the Nutritional science, I know it is not Nursing, but I check your e-mail and see if you got accepted!! They e-mailed me that I got accepted before I got the letter. I hope many of you get accepted!

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    Quote from Maddiex13
    @ Annabans - Glad to hear it went well. Stinks that days are full but at least you have a chance for nights. Best of luck.
    @ EduardoLugo - Its been sometime since we have heard from you. Congratz on your acceptance into the Nutrition Science program. I wish you the best of luck as well.
    I wanted to apply for LPN in Greater Lowell Technical high school, but I know I really love healthy food and so I went for Nutritional science. I will be going for Nursing after! Good luck to you in your career!! You'll do succeed

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    I ended up going for Nutritional science (BS). The good news is that I got accepted for the Fall 2013. It will be challenging. I saw it is harder than BSN. I will be taking mostly science courses. At least this will help me with nursing! If I decide to go for nursing, it won't take 4 years! since I will be taking all the science courses. I will certainly go for BSN after Nutritional science.

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    Btw, I never heard of "TEAS" Is that a requirement only for the BSN in UMass? I applied for the Nutritional science (bs) but I never did any TEAS. However, they never mentioned that, so I hope that doesn't matter. If I get accepted, it will be excited! I heard Nutritional science is harder than Nursing because I will be taking almost all science courses. This will help me later when I decide to go Nursing