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    Yes, that was a little vague wasn't it? I wasn't sure my post would actually work so I made it brief. I am graduating with a masters in nursing and will also be trained as a clinical nurse leader (MSN:CNL). I graduate in July of 2010 from the University of Iowa. I know that I will likely not be able to begin working for a few months or until all of the necessary paperwork is processed (near the beginning of October, I hope). I am interested in finding a paid residency/internship program for new graduates. Many of my professors have said that finding a paid new graduate nursing program/residency/internship is the most ideal way to enter the workforce. I am told that in these programs one is trained more extensively than in a more brief orientation session. I would ideally like to find this internship on a labor and delivery or maternity unit, as that is my area of interest. It would also be ideal if one existed in or around the greater San Francisco area. If said programs do exist, I wanted some guidance as to how to go about contacting people who run the programs (I don't know if typically there is one person I should contact, if I should call the hospital or if I should call a school whose students matriculate through these types of programs). I also would like to know when I should be making these calls. Is now too early? I hope that is a little more descriptive, maybe too specific! Thank you for you time and consideration!

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    Hello! I am graduating this July and was hoping to find a post-graduate internship program somewhere in San Francisco (hopefully by October). I have tried googling- to no avail and was wondering if anyone knew if internship programs are the best bet when fresh out of school or if I should just go right into it? Should I call hospitals to find out about these programs or schools in the area? Any advice? THANK YOU!!