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    Hi. I think it depends on if you have a traveler friendly hospital or not. I've heard bad stories, but I've also heard good stories. I actually just started travel nursing and my agency told me that it was traveler friendly and I was like, "great." So far it's been really good. I am treated fairly and everyone is super nice. I know someone who has worked for the same agency I do for 5 years and she said they always put her at good hospitals for travelers and she has never had a problem. I also worked per diem nursing and loved that as well. Best of luck to you whatever you decide to do.

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    I worked registry a few years ago and really enjoyed it. It's good experience working in different hospitals and environments. I am looking into travel nursing right now and it sounds exciting. New city, new experience, new adventure!!!

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    I looooove nursing!! It has so many great benefits. We have flexible schedules, can work 3 days a week, get PTO and can take vacations easily with our work schedule. It pays well. It's a profession that can make us feel good because we are doing good for others. Do I need to go on? Nursing is awesome!!!

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    I worked with a nurse who had maybe 3 fingers and she was an awesome nurse. You just can't listen to people that talk negative. They don't know what they are talking about.

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    WOW!! Kudos to you. You are Super Nurse!!

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    Quote from Tweety
    A nurse crushed Percocets, mixed with water, and gave it through a central line IV.

    Wow!!! That's freaky..

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    Quote from healthstar
    You know even I don't believe the patient about this situation, because even students know that they have to prime the IV bag before running it. It takes few seconds to prime it, but patients who know about how dangerous the air bubbles can be they get worried. If you really primed it, I just hope the employer believes you.

    Ya, she believed me, but it is so disturbing that people like to complain, tattle and make up things. What if she didn't believe me? I'm sure some managers are not as understanding. Would the nurse get fired?

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    Plus, if you keep giving them money then you are allowing them to be lazy. They know they can freeload off you. Cut them off.

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    Quote from Nakgirl84
    I think this is a great idea. I'm pre-nursing, well, waiting to get in, and it's hard to stay positive especially when you've been waiting 3 1/2 years to get in.

    I subscribed! heheh You're pretty and personable and you don't talk too fast It's nice to hear your day to day nursing experiences like looking from the outside in. I wish you could go back and do some more pre-nursing topics like advice on pre-reqs, exploring if nursing is right for you in the first place, things like that.

    Good stuff though, keep it up!

    Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate it.

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    Quote from 2ndwind
    You need to have content.

    You need to appear as a professional. If you were to send this video to an employer, or try to start your own consulting business, do you think this video would accurately represent your level of edu and knowledge of nursing? I am not suggesting you put on a suit and be stone faced. Please don't take this the wrong way... but you appear all of 17 or 18 yrs old in your video. You need to convince people that you have some kind of information and edu/professional experience they can respect.

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

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    Quote from greenfiremajick
    OK, I am not trying to be hateful here, but less of the singsong/cutesy voice...And no, most girls do not want to be "cute, sweet, and nice" as you stated in one of your videos (IMHO, anyway--maybe I'm way off base, here).

    I strive to be competent, strong, and independent. Your videos seem to be more focused on playing up to a man, as opposed to strong, intelligent women that want to be recognized for their achievements and hard work/dedication.

    I like some of the information you made available and most especially liked the Carlton videos!

    Thank you so much for your honest feedback. I will definitely take it into consideration.

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    Hi everyone. I have a youtube channel for nursing students and pre nursing students and my objective is to encourage and help them stay positive... If incoming students are motivated, encouraged, and good, it will make all of our lives easier, right?... So, I am asking for feedback. Good or bad, even if you think I suck. I wanted to ask all of you on this website because I knew you would be (brutally) honest...



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    Ok. I was wondering if anyone has had a patient make up a lie about them and then you got called into the office about it.

    I had a patient, (I don't remember if they were confused or not) write to my manager and say that she used to be a nurse and when I hung her IV fluids that I didn't prime the tubing. Then she says when she asked me if that was ok to inject all that air I said, "ya, it's totally safe. I saw it done on youtube and the patient was fine". I was stunned. I don't understand why people want to sabotage their nurse. I am never mean or rude to my patients. Please tell me this doesn't just happen to me.

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    Quote from annmariern
    I'm awaiting the next bright idea to post. "we promise that you will not have so much a headache during your stay. The nurse will produce your doctor in person at your request. Your hospital food will be as if your dining at the Four Seasons. Your nurse will be able to sense what you need before you even know what it is. You are her only priority" I mean post it in the room and tell people thats what they should expect, well then of course people are going to call them, or should I say US, on it. Its a hospital people; sorry the code team woke you up, sorry the nurse was too busy calling your critical labs to get your ice fast enough or take the 9th call from you family, or handle your daughters nervous breakdown over your missing oatmeal on your tray. Or a complaint I had, that I didnt get in to say hello because I had a emergency at change of shift. Two other RNs went in to check on them (they needed nothing), but felt that my not popping in to say hello was "poor customer service" . The pt a former nurse. Oops. Sorry my ischemic leg in agony pt took priorty over your customer service maam. What is wrong with people and why are we encouraging them??

    No kidding!! I wouldn't be surprised if a sign saying those things was posted. More complaints are headed our way

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    I've dated a couple doctors from my work and we kept it private. As long as you 2 can agree on that, then the gossip level will be low. Yes, people can speculate, and ask who you are datiing, but you don't have to tell them anything. It's none of their business.