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    I just wanted to let everyone know I found a good website for those that need a resource for the hesi, a2. It is called

    It does cost some money but it shows tests similar to what you will be taking on the hesi. I have been using it for less then a week now. I think it really does help. It has math, reading comprehension, english, a&p, chemistry and biology. There are several tests of each of these topics. They continue to update these topics so they are the most up to date. The passing rate for the hesi while using this resource is 95%. I would take a look and see if it is right for you.

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    actually i am going to be applying for the online program and i asked if they take into consideration the coursework that was done with the bachelors degree. i was told that it was the same exact way as the traditional track. so basically the advisor was saying they look at every student with a bachelors and without one as equal. they still list all the same requirements. so they have to see transfer credit from the school that you went to to determine if you dont have to take the course. this is what i was told. but let me tell you the advisor i went to was awful. she was telling how awful the hesi was going to be and that there was an essay! she said this as if i did not know how to write. i dont know if she understands the concept of having a bachelors degree.

    i had to send over transcripts from all schools. until they would let me sign up for the psych course. which makes no sense because if you have a bachelors degree you are going to have a psych course.

    hope this helps!

    the experience at this school has been bad. i can really tell the difference between a private school and a community college

    i know in the online program, the general education coursework is waived as all students have a bachelor's degree. anyone know if the general education coursework is waived for traditional program students who have a bachelor's degree? there is one general education course i did not receive transfer credit for and i really don't want to waste the time/money taking another sillly irrelevant general education coursework. i asked the nursing department and the response i got was, "it is possible for all students with a previous degree to receive credit for the general education requirements." really helpful.... haha.

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    Thank you so much for the response. I just talked to someone that took theirs and they said they had to do it all by hand? Maybe the did not know that there was one built in? I have no idea.

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    Does anyone know if you get to use a calculator for the hesi a2 exam? I keep seeing that there is one built into the program? Has anyone taken it recently? If some please let me know if you are able to use one.