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    "nicer is the change from doing a lot of physical work to starting using your brain again"!

    How dare you insinuate that CNA's don't use their brains. We may not have the education that an LPN or RN does but we do have brains. We also have compassion, something that most RN's lose once they become an RN. Numerous times I have considered schooling for LPN/RN and changed my mind because I love who I am when I am around the elderly population. My patients enjoy my company, my love and my compassion toward them. I consider them my family. Most times after I put in my day, I sit and read a book for a resident or simply sit and have a conversation with a resident. I work full time for a very large nursing care facility in PA, I get paid very well for what I do ($14 per hour w/full benefits, 401k, employer contribution retirement plan, etc), I am 46 yrs old and my family is grown and away at college. I am very happy and fulfilled being a C.N.A; the residents look forward to seeing me every single day. The work is hard but very fulfilling. My C.N.A schooling was paid for where I was accepted and I was paid to go to school ($9 per hour).
    Please if you are out there considering becoming a C.N.A and you are a loving, compassionate, hard working individual that thinks quick on your feet, then go for it. It is a very rewarding career. The healthcare industry needs more of us, we are the people the residents depend on everyday, that certain smiling face. C.N.A's do use their brains and don't let anyone tell you that they don't.
    **I realize this post is long after Dessyrell's post but I had to reply to his/her harsh comment**