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  • Jun 14 '14

    There is always the chance...but if you take care of yourself and pay attention to how you move and lift, the chances are much less.
    I can't tell you how many times I see the younger CNA's on my unit bending over a bed to change a resident. They don't raise the bed because "it takes too much time, and my back is fine!"". It is these small things that add up. If you neglect the small things like raising the bed EVERY SINGLE TIME you provide care, you are slowly wearing out your back and it WILL catch up to you.

  • Jul 22 '13

    Quote from pnkgirl25
    I'm in California. I work mental health and make $21 an hour per-diem.
    Wow! I wish I made $21 an hour! That would make me rich in Wa! Lol!

  • Jul 22 '13

    I make $20.57/hr not counting shift diff and weekend premium, love those weekend nights when I'm making around $25/hr. I've been there for a year and a half. (I'm in SK, Canada)

  • Mar 9 '13

    Ive never considered that "not being smart enough" was a valid idea. I see myself as an RN in a hospital in the labor and delivery unit. And guess what? In a few years thats where I am going to be. I have gotten out of the habit of saying to my fiance "If I pass", "If I become an RN", NO its "WHEN I BECOME AN RN"! If you want it bad enough, you will work your butt off to get it!

  • Jan 20 '13

    I do not know what you mean by "reformed" ..but if you continue to use drugs just know that even if you evade preemployment screening/by staying off drugs long enough to pass the test... You can be tested randomly ,,,and you might not know when someone is going to accidentally run over your foot at work with a stretcher and injure it. They then have the right to drug test you(anyone injured on the job) because companies want to reduce liability from having impaired workers(i.e if you were not on drugs perhaps you would have been more observant and not have your foot run over etc).This is just an example...My gut feeling is that you have been dodging the inevitable for some time. I am pretty sure you would have a tough time getting a license. Best thing to do is to invest some time and money now to see how the Board of Nursing feels about you.. People do mature...and I am glad you have changed. Sometimes people with life experiences make the most compassionate nurses...

  • Jan 1 '13

    labor and deliver !!! and the NICU if I get lucky

  • Dec 11 '12

    I agree with the above poster. I am in my 30's and will be graduating next May along with some others who are older than me. You are never to old to learn and grow intellectually.

  • Nov 3 '12

    Math scares the carp out of me!! Never even had algebra in HS, wasn't required "back then". The math exams in nursing school nervous as heck. I bought nursing calculation workbooks, asked for additional help in the ATL and ASC and searched the web for nursing math examples. Over time it became less daunting and believe it or not, my final year in school, 90 math questions, I only got one of them wrong. A heparin question. And then in my very next clinical rotation, the client I was assigned was on a heparin drip and for "fun" calculated the drip rate/pump setting on my own and discovered a critical med error that was made when the pump was set up in the middle of the night. My client was being over-medicated big time b/c the pump was set wrong. Still not a lover of math, but after that I knew I knew enough to be a good nurse in that department!!! You can do it!

  • Oct 26 '12

    I hit up the math lab like crazy and also used Khan's academy (online website). Very helpful!

  • Jun 3 '12

    I bought my school supplies and decided to pack my bag to see how heavy it will be on the first day of school. Holy cow!!!! I think I may need to buy a bag with wheels on it or I'm going to have a huge chiropractor bill!!!!

    Between the books, lab manuals and notebooks, it weighs a TON!!! And that's only the 2 classes I have that day. Looks like Fridays are the only day I'll travel light. My neck is hurting just thinking about it...LOL

    I'm running over to Medical Locked Storage to buy my phlebotomy kit & lab coat tomorrow. Also, need to buy a parking pass so I don't have to pay for parking every day. The drawback of having campus in a downtown location.

    My son keeps teasing me that he's just ending all his homework and mine is just beginning. He keeps saying "did you do your homework, Mom? Did you study?"....ahhh, payback!

  • May 28 '12

    Hi, everyone. Just wondering how many older students like me are starting nursing classes this year? I'm 47 and just finished most of my pre-reqs; starting nursing classes in the fall and am extremely excited! Second career for me after doing data entry for over 25 years and never having gone to college before, but I love it! I don't feel like I could have done this when I was younger - didn't have the determination I do now. And now that my children are grown, there's only my husband and I left so I have plenty of time for studying. This is happening at the perfect time in my life. My ultimate goal is to work as a L&D nurse. I became interested in that 3 years ago when my granddaughter was born and I noticed the nurses helping my daughter through her labor. I thought that was such an interesting and rewarding career. My goal is to have my RN by the time I turn 50! Never thought in a million years my life would take this turn, but soooo glad it has.

  • May 28 '12

    I hope to start the LPN program on the fall and i turn 40 at the end of June . 40 is the new 20!

  • May 27 '12

    Med Surg I and II as well as their clinical portions in 8 weeks! Eeek!

    If you guys don't see me on here for a while, I am in hell.

  • May 19 '12

    Your reality is not everyone's reality. (Thank goodness!)
    But thanks for sharing your bitterness.

  • May 12 '12

    I took the test yesterday and passed with and 82%. I found the practice tests online to be most helpful. A few of the questions were exactly the same! Woo Hoo!