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    Are you on an ace inhibitor?

    Have you been exposed to TB or had any other symptoms?

    Allergies?? (My husband will react like this from the pollen of the sycamore trees that line our street.)


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    There is not a whole lot of easily accessed info out there on this topic, as I tried hard to find it several years ago.

    What I would suggest, is that you contact the manufacturers of the tubes you use, ie the maker of the J-tube, or the feeding pumps (Ross has excellent literature), and ask them for the product handouts. That is where you will find your evidence-based information. In practice, you may find many people do it differently. Going to the source or company reps ensures you are doing it the proper way.

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    I tried it and I couldn't do it when my son was a newborn. It is very hard to get adequate rest no matter what shift you do when the baby is still getting you up twice a shift.

    I would suggest if you want to try it, do 2 nights consecutively. But I honestly think you'd be better off doing 12 hour days on the weekend. Some places are bring back the Baylor programs, work 2 12's, get paid for 3 with full bennies. This way, hubby can do all the child care and you won't have any cost for that. Otherwise, in the summer, I would hire a teenager, or mother's helper to watch the kids while you get a decent bit of sleep, you'll need at least 5 - 6 hours to recover logical thought.

    Best wishes. It isn't easy being a working mommy.

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    Thanks so much for your responses. For now, I have decided to just give him a graduation gift, from high school, of cash, and some calling cards. Then, when he graduates basic training, I will send him a cell phone, as long as he is allowed to have it, or more calling cards.

    I haven't checked out the forums yet, but thank you so much for the link, I plan to check it out later tonight. You have both been a big help.

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    My daughter's friend, who comes from a bad home situation, is entering the airforce. I want to give him a cell phone as a gift, the kind that he can use phone cards with, but I am afraid they won't let him use it. He has already told us he will not be able to use e-mail, and I would like for him to feel he can reach out and make contact with home.

    Also, what kinds of things make good "treats" from home besides lots of letters that we plan to send?

    What is life like in "boot camp?" in the airforce? Is it even called boot camp? What is in store for my "adopted" son? I'm so worried about him.

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    Yikes, that was a tad harsh, no? You said yourself depression is an illness. Unless you have ever been truly depressed, you wouldn't understand. It is sometimes a struggle just to get OOB, let alone deal with school pressures. I don't think that someone should be "weeded out" from nursing school based on being depressed and therefore temporarily "lacking fortitude." They must first recognize recognize it as a serious issue and get the correct treatment, which may involve several weeks to months of different meds until the right one is found for the individual. I think that someone who has suffered from depression can make an excellent nurse, and will surely display more empathy in their work than you have in your remarks NRS Karen.

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    It sounds like what went on in #2 post, was that the CNA and the pt had a relationship outside of the hospital. What the pt does while on furlough is his own biz, as is what the CNA does on her time is her own biz.

    Of course there must have been something between them to initiate any interest in the first place while on duty, but as long as she remained professional about it while on duty, ie, not like the other girl laying in the pt's bed and letting him grope her breasts, I see no problem with it.

    How lucky for this man, isn't it better to be cared for in a home by the person you love instead of a facility, as good as the staff may be??

    Frankly, as long as the CNA did not overstep while ON DUTY, I think she has grounds for a lawsuit.

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    Good suggestions, and I agree he should have been given an accucheck.

    As far as firing his docs? never gonna happen, been that route, he is STUBBORN and HE trusts his docs, what can I say. EMS?? His wife became septic secondary to ruptured diverticuli they waited so long to get medical atention. She was going to wait until their regularly scheduled appt, two weeks from symtom onset!! These folks do NOT believe in calling 911, despite my best efforts to educate otherwise. Then they get PO'd, right?? My hands are kind of tied here.

    I also thought the synptoms may be from low BS, esp the drunken-like behavior, but, it's always right after he eats! And they do have a BP machine, which they check and his systolic is anywhere from 50-80, yes, systolic!

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    Yes he sees a cardiologist, but this doc doesn't want to see him as often and defers to the primary.

    He is taking the starlix at bkft & dinner, and yes, this old marine eats at the same time every night, no exceptions. He and my M-I-L are very set in their ways.

    He takes the Lopressor in the am w bkft and with dinner (always with food) and he takes the benicar hct in the am as well.

    I have checked his glucose a few times, but I haven't gotten a fasting. He has always been below 150 1-2 hrs pp. I was wondering if he really needed starlix.

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    My F-I-L is s/p cabg 7 yrs ago, and s/p TKR a year ago. His md frequently changes his meds around, and it has been playing havoc with his BP. He has a BP machine, which is fairly accurate +/- 10 mm hg, and his BP is so labile.

    He is now only taking 3 meds, Starlix (oral antidiabetic -not even sure he needs this, md hasn't even given him a glucometer), lopressor 25 bid, and benicar hct. I know he really needs his ace and the Beta blocker, but his BP seems to drop alramingly low after eating. After the doc d/c all but these 3 mds, it is now only happening after dinner. It seemed like low BS, but he has just eaten a decent meal.

    I thought my M-I-Lwas exaggerating his behavior until I saw for myself this weekend. He had 1/2 glass wine, eggplant parm, bread, and penne at the restaurant. After eating, he slumped over in his chair. My husband jiggled him and he was arousable, but out of it. We got him some coffee, but after my husband woke him, his behavior was like a sloppy drunk. Trust me, I have seen this guy drunk, he is never like he was this night. He was angry with me, for not knowing why this keeps happening to him, and he yelled about how we know what is happening but aren't telling him. He had an positively eveil little look in his eyes squinting them at me and pointing his finger. Next he's telling my husband how lucky they are to have each found good women, and how he likes me. This is stuff I know he would never normally verbalize out loud.

    So, I know after eating blood is diverted to the gut for digestion, but how can he not eat??How else can this be avoided?

    Any thoughts on why this is happening besides the fact that his ejection fraction is probably in the toilet? That he probably has cardiomyopathy (past history of long-term etoh use) which was not helped by the cabg?

    What about something like neosynephrine nose spray or something to perk him up after eating? We got coffee into him and he did improve. I am at a loss as to what suggest to the doc, and he has been pretty unconcerned about it as far as I can see, which usually means he has no idea what to do about it either.

    So, I am turning to you folks for your input. Has anyone ever seen this happen??
    Thanks for any ideas.

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    I also couldn't sit through 2 hours, so I tuned in for the last 30 minutes. I am thrilled with the choice for winner!

    I don't know about baning certain songs. That is really a person's own musical tastes, and we will never all agree on what songs are good and which are bad. But if you are saying to stop doing songs that are overplayed on the radio to start with, then I see your point. Maybe a night of "B-Sides" (for you young-uns, that means the less popular song on the other side of a vinyl single, from the olden days.)

    I think many people have talent, but some have a true gift, and that includes Fantasia. I also think she appeals more to people who enjoy Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, soulful music. I love Aretha, and when Fantasia performed Chain of Fools...I thought she was better than the Queen of Soul herself. I hope she puts that one on her CD!! I'll be first in line to buy it.

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    Thanks for that memphis panda, I apologize for not checking it out before posting.

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    I got an e-mail ... that tunred out to be an urban legend, please disregard!

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    Well, I don't like the badge at all, BUT, I would wear it. I spent some time as an observer in an ICU once, and I was appalled at how many staff didn't wash thier hands, and that was just nursing staff. So, yes, doctors may be the biggest offenders, but I see no threat to me personally for having to be accountable for washing my hands. Doctors should wear the dorky bottons, but of course they won't. That is on their conscience and the hospitals' for not making them accountable as well. I would have more of a problem wearing a badge that say's "Can I do anything else for you?" That would make me hurl!

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    Yay, I missed the episode, but glad to hear this.