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    Gbfan12- did you ever hear anything back? I was just contacted for an interview. I was told that they are contacting candidates next week to offer positions because the start date is Oct 8th for the last fall cohort. I'm not sure of any other details.

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    Hi KiaP38 RN

    I applied to the Southwest General Hospital RN Residency Program for 2012 about a week ago. I am just curious- when did you apply last year and when did they contact you for the interview? I am from Seattle and am relocating to San Antonio area. I left a message for the nurse recruiter to learn a little more about the specifics of the program but haven't heard back yet. Thanks!

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    Congrats to everyone who got accepted!! I was also accepted and am very excited to start next fall!

    I had a cumulative GPA of 3.55 with a prereq gpa of 3.8. I had about 5 months of CNA experience and 6 months of hospital volunteer experience.