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    I have looked at several threads over the year about the do's and do not's of signing a stipend contract. I understand that you really need to know the facility that you are signing with and the reasons why they would want to sign with you..a student...who hasnt even graduated...

    The majority of the threads I read, however, basically say dont do it because there is more money out there..bonus's, moving expenses, higher salaries....they are all there after school...

    Does this seem accurate to you? Is it really about the money? About getting a better deal after school? Jus want to hear your thoughts....

    Also...if any of you have an example contract you would be willing to share..PLEASE let me know....Thanks!

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    And these loans can be paid off after you graduate?

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    I have a hospital that is considering giving me a stipend while I am in school. They have never provided this before and are not quite sure how to spell it out in a contract. Can anyone provide me an example to base one from???

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    I am interested in hearing what CRNA's feel are big issues, challenges, or problems in the field....Thanks for all replies...

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    I am preparing for my interview and am researching how to SURVIVE financially while in school. I have approached two hospital systems for support but I want to know about the other options (ie: loans mostly) With the knew changes to loans can a graduate student obtain enough in loans to pay for school and pay for home, food, electricity, water???? I appreciate any thoughts and advice...Thanks