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    Have read several threads about Microbiology notes. I have Micro demystified. Which notes are better Lisa Arends or Study group 101? Any advice on how to make this the least painful would be great!Biology is my worst class so I saved it for last! This is my last class before graduation! THe only thing holding me up!! AHHHH Thanks for your help!

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    HI! Not sure about any programs except Excelsior and Indiana State University. I did Excelsior and really liked it. If you are an IV certified LPN, then the lack of clinicals doesn't really matter. You can learn the additional skills in a workshop. I am not sure where you live, but I live in Colorado and we are required to get an RN work permit for 350 hours after graduation in lue of the clinicals. This is paid in most cases and can be in an area of your choice. Check with your state board and they might offer you the same type of permit to get in and learn these skills if that makes you more comfortable. Look into Indiana State, I have seen them popping up on searches lately, but not sure of their details. Good Luck!

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    HI! I have an uncle on Widbey Island, owns a jewelry store! Small place bet you have seen him! Anyhow..I loved the Excelsior program. The tests were not easy...but not difficult either! Especially if you have gone through an ADN program already! Probably mostly review. It was actually mostly review from my LPN classes minus the new skills for the CPNE. The only thing I did not like was the long waiting periods it took them to review you at each stage of eligibility. I might be an isolated case, not sure... but be prepared for it to take a couple of weeks to a month to be evaluated after each step. Ex Between becoming eligible for the FCCA, then again to become eligible to apply for CPNE. I actually used all of my books from my LPN program to get through the exams. The content was pretty much the same. Good luck to you! You are right...there are so many negative posts on here about distance learning! But it sure helps those of us that cannot attend a traditional Rn program!