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    I graduate in May 2010. I've already pre-registered and paid for both my Florida license and NCLEX. However, I will be moving to Arizona this summer (which I didn't know upon paying for FL license). Can I also pre-register/pay for my Arizona license and be licensed in 2 states upon passing NCLEX??? I've been told that I can, but I can't find anything on AZ's website to support that, nor have they returned my calls yet.
    I really don't want to have to wait 6 weeks after getting my FL license to get my AZ license. Even a temporary costs $$ and its only a week or so sooner.
    Also, I've been told that to interview you don't have to be licensed in that state, but will obviously have to have the license prior to starting. Has anyone experienced this before?

    Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!!