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    I would only put clinical rotation sites if it's pertinent to the position you're applying for. Otherwise, people assume new grads have more or less the same clinical experience. That would save some room for 1 page.

    Also you don't have to list every job on the resume. Just the ones that may be pertinent or you want to highlight for other reasons (longevity, leadership, etc.) That may also save you some space.

    Remember, being succinct is a communication skill.

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    I do remember some significant overlap between cellular biology and microbiology. However, probably the bigger question is whether the nursing school will count your new grade if retaken.

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    Unfortunately, I think at least some people in this situation dwindle their resources until they do qualify for medicaid and then enter a long term care system. I dare say most people in nursing homes, except the truly fortunate, can't afford it but are receiving aid.

    If it's a former patient, you seem to be very, very involved in her private matters. It may be hard to think objectively about realistic solutions as such.

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    I've seen the order on IMC floors where the patient is at risk for bleeding and needing blood products quickly. Just another scenario where a second line is requested "in case." But yes, if the patient has been there a few days we will ask to have it dcd as one of the lines will inevitably fail.

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    I put it as an order if the doc ok'd the one iv. Then the next shift is clear no more attempts are needed.

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    8 years, doesn't feel that long.

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    Not sure how I'd feel about a friend telling me not to lecture her when I was just trying to have a discussion about a nursing topic. And I definitely would not tolerate it from a colleague. Sounds like the issue is more with her and your relationship than with a new nurse passing nclex.

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    Does the patient run low in the morning? Does the patient normally have a snack? I wouldn't be concerned about the 94 in and of itself but maybe the other nurse knows the person dips in the am.

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    If it's a larger hospital can you eventually cross train to peds?

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    Do you know any nurses already working there? It's not a sin to network and find an in that way.

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    Our break rooms are locker rooms so no seating really. Most go to the cafeteria. There is a trend for the hospital to have staff meditation rooms on each unit. I have yet to see them used.

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    Yikes. Yes, definitely call for a seizure. Who cares if at home he is non compliant with his seizure meds? He's in the hospital now and seizures can be dangerous. If the doc knew, he would have likely added more withdrawal meds or iv antiseizure medications.

    Also his sbp was 70 and his mental status was altered? And you still didn't notify the doc? Maybe he was severely dehydrated if he was too altered to eat or something else was going on.

    This sounds like a really scary situation and you may need additional direction on when to call the doc.

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    Actually, if you have infants or small kids, nursing hours are pretty nice. Working PMs allowed me to take my little guy to library hours, swim classes, and other activities happening during the week that if I worked banker's hours I would have not been able to. When the kid gets to be school-aged, that may be a different beast.

    It has also spared me a few trips to the inlaws around the holidays. LOL.

    anyway, just adding perspective that it isn't all bad.

    Do you work nights? I found that I get pretty depressed working nights. Once I switched to days/pms, I was a whole new person. On nights, I also wanted to leave nursing completely. On nights, I did start my journey in grad school to get out of bedside staffing. I get it. But before you leave entirely, there are likely adjustments you can make to make your life a bit happier. Best of luck to you.

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    Aherns review, acls books, and the practice questions on the accn website. Happy studying!

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    What are your career goals? Entry level msn for RN/ CNS/ NP are very different roles. You may want to research a bit more into what these mean.

    I've spoken to a few master's prepared CNLs who said it was a waste of time. They graduated and worked alongside ADNs and BSNs making the exact same pay and responsibilities.

    I would highly recommend working as an rn before pursuing a CNS or NP degree. So I think a BSN program, if you can find an affordable one, is your best bet.