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    No, I don't think the ER show is accurate. They portray the doctor's doing everything from administering medications to surgery all in the same day..... and running out to meet ambulances and getting report......
    They do not portray the ER nurses who actually do the majority of patient care, get report, triage the patient, administer meds and monitor the patient's progress, do discharges and teaching as needed....
    Usually you have (at least in our ER) one ER doctor and one PA and the rest of the ER staff consists of RNs. Also, I have NEVER SEEN an ER doctor transport a patient anywhere. They don't have time.....the RN usually does it.....sometimes you can get a tech to help.... if you have more than one tech on duty......

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    An RN is a Registered Nurse that takes care of humans. I don't believe that anyone else should be allowed to claim the title who has not rightfully earned it.

    I think the vet tech should be very proud of what she does BUT she is not an RN and should not be entitled to call herself one.:stone How will Vet Techs build their own level of respect if they do not refer to themselves as what they are......Vet Techs.

    Sorry...animal lovers that is just the way it is.:uhoh21:

    Next thing you know people will be asking ..."oh your an RN animal or human?"

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    If anyone is in the area don't forget to attend the rally on May25. We will fill up Pershing square with Nurses, Teachers, And Firefighters. :Melody: