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    hi everyone...

    i'm been practising the below method to check ACT for post PCI patient.. however recently different ppl practice differently in my unit.. i wonder wat's the recommendation method and at the same time does not affect the ACT result...

    1. draw out 20mls of blood from femoral sheath
    2. draw out another 2mls of blood to check ACT
    3. return back the 20mls of blood drawn earlier on
    4. flush with 10mls of 0.9% normal saline
    5 lastly lock with 5mls of heparin saline ( 50units of heparin)


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    hi everyone.. i'm wondering wat is the proper method for blood sampling for ACT.. any recommendation... this is wat i've been practising

    1. draw out 20mls of blood (as to remove to remaining heparin which used to lock the sheath)
    2. draw another 2mls (for ACT reading)
    3. return back 20mls blood been drawn in step 1
    4. flush with 10mls 0.9% normal saline
    5. lock with 2mls of heparin saline