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    People always talk about "transferring credits." That is such a funny thing to me...Who needs credits transferred? Maylisa, while you may not be able to "transfer" credits, other schools, such as university of phoenix" accept ITT's credits after you finish the program, and allow you to be able go on to get your BSN or Masters if you choose. People only need to transfer credits if they don't finish programs, or move, or something random.

    It is a 2 year ADN program...actually i think its like 2 years and 11 weeks or something.

    I promise there was no one more skeptical of ITT-Tech before paying out of pocket to go there. I promise you I have done my research, I have talked to hospitals, DON's and nursing students in other schools. I checked out Chamberlain, Pima, Apollo, Mesa Community College, this not is something I just went out and did.

    My mother has been a CRNA for 30 years, and she literally had a page and a half of questions that she asked the director of the program.

    ITT-Tech also has the most clinical hours of any school in the state of Arizona..I am not here saying it is the best program, but they have a 90% pass rate on the NCLEX, and its only 3 days a week so it works with my schedule, and no waiting list.

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    I understand what you're saying, but the answer is B. Trust me, you will learn this in school pretty early on.

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    So I am in the 3rd week of my second quarter at ITT-Tech in Phoenix. I am not going to lie, the first quarter nursing class is very boring and dry, but it is picking up a bit in this quarter. In our first quarter (11 weeks) we basically learned the history of nursing, the nursing process, and a brief intro to nursing diagnosis.

    In the second quarter we have began doing labs. So far we have done mostly CNA stuff, which is fine.

    I am basically just curious if this sounds somewhat similar to other schools. We only go 1 day a week (for nursing), for 4 hours. (we also have other classes like math, anatomy and physiolgy ect ect for a total of 3 classes a quarter, so 3 days a week in all)

    I am also more then happy to answer any questions you have about the school.

    PS. Just so you know, I am enjoying the program, I am just curious how other schools do things.

    Thanks in advance!