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    Quote from WannaBeeToo
    Just finished talking with my sister-in-law who is a recently graduated RN, now in Texas. She was encouraging me to pursue a career in nursing. I worked closely with my Mom during her 2-1/2 year battle with cancer and enjoyed all the medical ins and outs, although we lost her about a year ago. How do you go about becoming an LPN. I live in Mountain Home and work full-time. Oh ... I turn 50 this year, too! My sister-in-law went back to school when she was 49. What do y'all think?
    I agree, go for it. If you can read you can learn!!!
    Start with your LPN and who Knows?!!!!!
    I was a late bloomer and have never regretted my decision.

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    Quote from laurasc
    I'm poised to make the HUGE leap from doctor's office nursing to ICU. I have one more interview next week and unless I really mess it up badly, I think I may have the job. I worked in the ICU 15 years ago and needless to say my skills are a bit rusty.

    With that said, I would like to know if there are any Canadian magazines, books or even online resources that I could use to help me along. I've found some stuff but it's all American and although I have nothing against Americans, I'd like to find something Canadian.

    Any suggestions?

    Good luck!!! If you can read you can learn anything. Get the orientation package from the hospital as soon as you are hired and start studying. I am sure your orientation will prepare you for what is ahead. There are wonderful resources from the RNAO, with specialty groups, ie:critical care. Check the website - wish we had more of you willing to take the jump!!!!

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    Quote from NIC Student
    I'm currently a second year nursing student in BC and I have some issues I would like to bring to the table. It has been told to us time and time again in the media that there is a nursing shortage in our province. Actually, there is a nursing shortage in our country. At first when I heard this information as a first year student I was elated because I thought that meant more jobs for us new graduates. However, as I explore the information on nursing websites, I become more frightened about what is expected of us as new graduates. I am not frightened about applying my knowledge. Nor am I frightened about caring for acutely ill people. What scares me most is that a huge portion of our nursing education is based around understanding the patient experience. However, as I read into this nursing shortage that Canada is experiencing, I begin to worry about all of this valuable education going to waste. If we are expected to care for 8 patients thoroughly, then how are we ever expected to actually understand our patients and their history? I am also afraid that with this huge workload comes room for errors. This job is already high pressure just working with three patients. How is it then that we can provide safe, effective, HOLISTIC care to our patients if we don't even have time to care for ourselves? I read on the RNABC website ( a brochure that provides nurses with information on how to handle working under pressure. I also found information on the website on the current nursing shortage. What I found most amusing is that these brochures weren't looking at how to solve the problem, they were attempting to explain how nurses should adapt. I found this very distressing! Please respond if you have any opinion on this issue. I would love to hear your side.
    NIC Student
    First of all let me welcome you to the profession. Nursing has been a wonderful career for me, the opportunities are endless. After graduation look for a new grad preceptorship program. If you cannot find one in Canada it might be worth your while to apply to the US for one. I did and got a one year internship in 4 crirical care areas. I was paid full wages and was assigned to a preceptor for the full year. It was a great learning experience and prepared me for the "real world". Good Luck with your studies.

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    Quote from RN Student-NIC
    I am a 2nd year nursing student in British Columbia. My concern is that so many nurses are leaving to work in the US (5,400 Ontario nurses). We are losing trained nurses and this may result in a worse shortage than we already have. How do you feel about this trend?
    I have had great experiences working in the US. I have done research and been aware of pitfalls. So much depends on where you go and your expectations.
    I found I was treated as an asset and not as a cost in the US.
    Canada has to realize our value and start treating us with more respect. The working conditions in Toronto suck, which is why I am going back to the US in April.