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    I worked on LDRP/Nursery for 4 years and was off for 4 years to raise my children. Now I am eagerly seeking employment back into the same field. I had an interivew a month ago and thought I got the job. They said "they are looking for someone with more RECENT experience."

    Today they called me and set up a second interview to discuss my experience. The only thing that I will need additional training on is circulating nurse during delivery in OR. I never did this at my previous employment.

    What type of questions should I expect?

    Furthermore, how can I make myself more marketable?

    I am currently an AWHONN member, license is current, BLS current, working on CEUs from March of Dimes related to LDRP/Nursery, and kept up with recent articles from The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing.

    I really want this job any advice would greatly be appreciated.